Clintons’ Speaking Tour Starts with Disaster: Attendee Disrupts Show To Tell Them How He Really Feels

Hillary Clinton, whose 2016 presidential campaign ended up being the political equivalent of the Hindenburg disaster of 1937, is the Democrats’ proverbial bad penny.
She continues to circulate, all in the name of making cents, though she stopped making sense years ago.
It’s no secret that her husband, Bill, has lost his luster as well. Our 42nd president’s charisma, once the key to his election victories, has become almost undetectable.
To that end, no one should be surprised that when the Clintons recently joined forces for a cross-country speaking tour, the upshot was tantamount to a cure for insomnia.
According to the New York Post, the only thing that kept attendees awake during Paul Begala’s “An Evening With The Clintons” in the Big Apple was a heckler.
While the former first couple droned on, an agitator hollered, “Bill, this is boring!” The Daily Caller reported.
The heckler — in the front row, no less — also yelled Jeffrey Epstein’s name, in reference to the wealthy pedophile with connections to the Clintons.
HuffPost reported that at least one attendee, Liz Bostian, has had her fill of Bill and Hillary’s hot air.

“I kind of feel like I need them to go away for this cycle,” Bostian said.
The Clintons go away? Pull this leg, it plays “Jingle Bells.”
To be sure, as long as she’s breathing, Hillary won’t stop talking in public. I’d bet dollars to donuts that she will resurface as the Democrats’ 2020 presidential nominee if a clear, viable front-runner doesn’t emerge.
When she isn’t criticizing the Trump administration (not that she’s bitter), the ex-first lady resorts to promoting one of HBO’s most popular series.
The Westeros Wing? Hillary Clinton cites "Game of Thrones" as TV show that best describes life in politics 
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The “Thrones” name-dropping was likely an unveiled attempt to pander to Hollywood again.
Indeed, after failing to earn the title of U.S. commander in chief, she settled for an “executive producer” credit in Tinseltown.
Round and round, the Clinton carousel goes.
One must wonder: What will Bill and Hillary do next? One wonders, and one cringes.
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