Divide Between The Democrat and Republican America Brilliantly Illustrated

America is clearly divided, at least all of the pundits say so, and when it comes to politics and how one sees President Trump they’re probably right.
Americans are divided.
One half, the half that voted for and support the President is quite pleased with the progress he’s made so far.
A booming economy, progress on the world stage, a solid conservative majority on the Supreme Court, tons of lower court judges confirmed and much, much more.
On the other hand Democrat voters are constantly fed a daily barrage of negative and often misleading or fake news about the President and his supporters.
Think Russia, Stormy Daniels, Security Clearances, Firing Comey, endless fake Mueller speculation and outrage on pretty much everything the President says or does.
So yes, there is a HUGE divide in America and the cartoon below brilliantly illustrates this fact:

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