Left Eat Their Own as Pelosi Takes Down Ocasio-Cortez and the District That Elected Her

Are you a liberal? Are you more sentient than a glass of water?
Congratulations — Nancy Pelosi believes you’re a fit candidate to win Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional district.
According to TheBlaze, the San Francisco congresswoman and speaker of the House of Representatives was speaking at the London School of Economics on Monday when she threw a bit of not-so-veiled shade at the New York freshman.
“When we won this election, it wasn’t in districts like mine or Alexandria’s — however, she’s a wonderful member of Congress I think all of our colleagues will attest,” Pelosi said.
“But those are districts that are solidly Democratic. This glass of water would win with a ‘D’ next to its name in those districts,” she said, holding up a glass and drawing some laughter.
“And not to diminish the exuberance and the personality and the rest of Alexandria and the other members, but when I said three, they were talking about three that were getting a good deal of press on it.”
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi takes another shot at socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), says a “glass of water” with a “D” next to it “would win” in Ocasio-Cortez's district.
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“But the 43 districts, we won 43, net gain of 40, were right down the middle,” Pelosi said.
As for the “three that were getting a good deal of press on it,” one assumes she was referring to Ocasio-Cortez and Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib of Minnesota and Michigan, respectively, who were the first two Muslim women in Congress and have made scads of headlines, both good and bad. (Mostly bad.)
This isn’t the first time that Pelosi has trolled Ocasio-Cortez, either. In an interview with USA Today, Pelosi took another jab at Ocasio-Cortez’s popularity and her huge Twitter following, noting that, “While there are people who have a large number of Twitter followers, what’s important is that we have large numbers of votes on the floor of the House.”
She has also dismissed the Green New Deal in various ways, including the famous line, “green dream, or whatever they call it.” And, in an interview on CBS News’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday, she dismissed the idea that Ocasio-Cortez and her retinue represented some sort of trend.
“You have these wings — AOC, and her group on one side–” interviewer Leslie Stahl said, according to the transcript.
“That’s like five people,” Pelosi interrupted.
“No, it’s — the progressive group is more than five,” Stahl responded.
“Well, the progressive — I’m a progressive. Yeah,” Pelosi said.
Pelosi, it must be noted, was complimentary when it came to Ocasio-Cortez on Monday, except the part where she wasn’t comparing her ease of winning her district to putting up a glass of water.
(And, to be fair, Joe Crowley was a bit more than a glass of water, but winning that deeply Democratic district might not even have required any dihydrogen oxide in the glass.)
In the consistency of these remarks, though, one can glean the speaker isn’t quite as impressed with the loudest voices in the freshman class as she is with the fact that others in the class took conservative districts from the Republicans.
She’s also very aware that the aforementioned loud voices could very easily blow that up.
Either way, it’s always entertaining to see the left eat their own. And if you’re more sentient than a glass of water, it can give you a bit of hope that you can do anything in politics — provided, of course, you’re a Democrat running for a seat as safe as a congressional district that’s made up of parts of the Bronx and Queens.
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