Trump has done more for me than Obama: Grey's Anatomy actor Isaiah Washington slams '44' for not supporting 'Africa or the Black Agenda' and praises '45' for inviting him to WH to celebrate First Step Act prison reform (10 Pics)

Actor Isaiah Washington has slammed Barack Obama for not supporting 'Africa or the Black Agenda' while praising Donald Trump for inviting him to the White House to celebrate the First Step Act prison reform. 
The former Grey's Anatomy star tweeted his thanks to '45' while criticizing '44' in a series of posts where he shared pictures of the current president from this week. 
Washington was at the White House to see the celebrate a prison reform bill, the First Step Act, which is focused on inmate rehabilitation.  
He wrote: 'I voted for 44 twice. I even checked my emails in his Senate Office while lobbying for Salone to be given another chance to rebrand. 
'Not once in 8 years was I given any support regarding Africa or the Black Agenda, but 45 invites me to the WH to celebrate the #FirstStepAct.'

Congress passed legislation last year called the First Step Act that gives judges more discretion when sentencing some drug offenders and boosts prisoner rehabilitation efforts. 
The effort drew strong support from Republicans and Democrats worried that mandatory minimum laws had generated unfair sentences in many drug-related cases. 
He said a 'Second Step Act' will focus on 'successful re-entry and reduced unemployment for Americans with past criminal records.' His goal is to cut that unemployment rate for ex-prisoners to single digits within five years. 
Washington shared pictures and videos of himself from inside The East Room and added: 'Those who know, know that I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I will work w/h anyone as long as things get done.' 
Speaking directly to Trump he said: '@realDonaldTrump you freed 3,000 Federal Prisoners, got 16,000 in drug rehabilitation programs and now you just need to deliver.' 
His comments provoked a mixed reaction with some comparing his reaction to Daniel Kaluuya's main character from Get Out, an African-American victimized by a white family

His comments provoked a mixed reaction with some comparing his reaction to Daniel Kaluuya's main character from Get Out, an African-American victimized by a white family. 
Other suggested it was a way for Washington to get extra publicity, writing: 'I guess this is one way to get on camera.'
Some defended Obama, saying he is the 'best' and calling Trump a 'buffoon'. 
One Twitter user wrote: 'You cannot be serious! Trump is undoing a problem HE created! Barack is the best that ever did it! That buffoon you are sucking up to has not once condemned the white supremacists who have killed all in the name of MAGA.' 
Another simply said: 'Not interested in Isaiah Washington any more!!!!!!' 
But other praised his tweet, writing: ' Glad to see you accepted @realDonaldTrump's offer! He wants to improve the lives of all Americans, and the partisanship in DC only makes that job harder. Whether we lean left or right, we're all Americans.'
And one Twitter user agreed, saying Obama had disappointed them, writing: 'I'm so very disappointed with 44 but to be honest 45 has impressed me more than I ever expected. GOD bless and continue to use 45 to improve lives.'  
Responding to the backlash Washington hit back, writing: 'I may have 99 problems with 45, but mass incarceration ain't one of them.'
Washington was fired from Grey's Anatomy in 2007 for making a homophobic slur. 

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