Wedding in a warzone: Bride poses near bombed-out family home that was 'wrecked by an IDF air strike in Gaza City' - as tensions rise amid Israeli elections (12 Pics)

A bride has been pictured near her bombed-out family home on the day of her wedding amid rising tensions between Israel and Palestine.
Shayma Al-Huwaity, 20, stands waving the flag of Palestine beside the property in Gaza City which was damaged during an Israeli air strike on a nearby Hamas site.
It is believed the house was destroyed as Israeli military forces pounded targets across Gaza in response to a rocket attack on an Israeli house last Monday.
The military wrecked the Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh's office in the strike, which was confirmed by Hamas' radio station. 
Despite the conflict, the matter has not been a talking point in Israel's general election.  
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's ruling Likud Party has offered no plan for what many believe is the country's most existential problem.
His main challenger - in the vote that will take place on April 9 - speaks vaguely of 'separation,' while Netanyahu's hard-line partners speak openly of annexing all or parts of the West Bank. 
But talk of a Palestinian state - the international community's preferred solution for the past two decades - has not been mentioned.
It is a far cry from past elections, when peace with the Palestinians was the central issue for voters. 
The apparent lack of interest reflects widespread disillusionment in Israel over years of failed peace efforts.

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