Authorities Bust 424 Criminals at the Same Time — Criminals Dems Wanted Ignored

Law enforcement works hard to keep lawbreakers off the street. Sometimes they even nab several bad guys at a time.
But rarely do those same law enforcement officers get lucky enough to make a catch numbering in the hundreds.
Border Patrol agents in New Mexico became some of those lucky few after apprehending more than 400 illegal aliens on U.S. soil earlier this week.
“Agents encountered a group of what seemed to be over 400 illegal aliens in Sunland Park just after midnight,” a press release from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection said. “Border Patrol agents were able to apprehend all the aliens. In just a few hours the total number taken into custody in the Sunland Park area was 424.”
“While dealing with this influx of people in the Sunland Park area U.S. Border Patrol agents working at Camp Bounds Forward Operating Base at the Antelope Wells Port of Entry, arrested a large group of 230 illegal aliens around 2 a.m.”
While the mass arrest of 654 people in a single day illegally crossing our southern border may have sent alarm bells ringing in the past, it has become a normal type of crime. Unfortunately for law and order in America, there are individuals who are fighting to ignore and even encourage these crimes.
Democrats, hellbent on protecting illegals, went so far as to attempt to loosen gun laws to the point where aliens who failed a background check would not have Immigration and Customs Enforcement notified.
Yes, Democrats were willing to retreat on a gun control issue to protect illegal immigrants. In one instance, a mayor even used his city’s law enforcement to help illegals circumvent the law.
Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey required his city’s police cars to come with placards that seem aimed at people in this country illegally. And with the placards being installed in the back of squad cars, it’s safe to say the target audience is not Boy Scouts but rather criminals under arrest.
However, those don’t hold a candle to the granddaddy of all pro-illegal schemes: the sanctuary city.
Sanctuary cities, which help illegals evade immigration authorities, have become a haven for undocumented aliens. Aliens are able to commit crimes, enjoy our fair and accommodating court system, then live safe in the knowledge that ICE won’t be coming for them.
The deadly MS-13 gang operates in many of these cities, leaving a wake of death and destruction that affects innocent Americans.
Although the large group that Border Patrol arrested was mostly families and unaccompanied minors, according to the report, this exposes a dark source of funds for the criminal underbelly of countries south of our border.
“Criminal organizations continue to exploit innocent human lives in order to enhance their illicit activities without due regard to the risks of human life,” the CBP’s press release stated. “In most cases these smugglers never cross the border themselves in order to avoid apprehension.”
The smugglers, who are sometimes paid tens of thousands of dollars to guide people across the border, are often part of cartels or other criminal groups operating in Mexico and other Central American countries. This money, though paltry in comparison to their other enterprises, helps fund the wanton violence for which these groups are infamous.
As long as people are coming across the U.S. border illegally, the Border Patrol will be there to intercept them. Although many immigrants get through, the hardworking officers help put a dent in that number every day.
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