“BAN ME MUTHAF*CKAS” -Snoop Dogg Slams Facebook Censors After Louis Farrakhan Is Banned

Rapper Snoop Dogg is not happy about his pal Louis Farrakhan getting banned on Facebook and Instagram. In a video released on his Instagram page, the legendary rapper had some choice words for the tech-giant, according to XXLMagazine. 

“So Facebook and Instagram just banned Louis Farrakhan, I want to know for what?” Snoop asked. “All he ever do was to tell the truth. But y’all gonna ban him though.”
“What if we ban y’all? What if we stop fuckin’ with y’all Facebook and Instagram? How the fuck you gonna ban Minister Louis Farrakhan for putting truth out there?” he went on in his angry clip. “I stand with him…ban me muthafucka. Ban me. I’ma keep posting his shit. I’ma keep putting Louis Farrakhan out there. That’s my dear brother. Fuck y’all that got a problem with him.”
“Sorry Minister, I had to bang for ya. I know you don’t permit that. But that ain’t right. It’s not right,” Snoop added.
“There’s a bunch of muthafuckas you can ban, but y’all chose Minister Louis Farrakhan,” he concluded before addressing “As-Salam-u-Alaikum” to Minister Farrakhan.

While Facebook had far more reason to suggest Farrakhan was involved in hate speech or calls to violence due to his rabid anti-Semitic past, Snoop Dogg makes some VERY VALID points about what Facebook is doing and how we all could react. At this point, it will only stop if high-profile people like Snoop Dogg stop using the platforms owned by Facebook and other tech tyrants. Celebrity accounts drive the most traffic to the digital platforms, which means they could be crippled if high-profile accounts start leaving en masse.
Taking it a step further, imagine if regular citizens opted to boycott the platforms until they respect fundamental free-speech rights? They would have to bend the knee and restore freedom in the online world. It’s either that or official action from President Trump… something tells me it would harm to do both. Snoop Dogg’s reaction should showcase how, even if Farrakhan is one of few (if any) alt-left accounts to be banned, that the right and left in this country should stand firm against censorship.
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