Dating Site OKCupid: ‘Skip The Small Talk’ And Ask About ‘Georgia’s Abortion Ban’

Afraid of getting matched with some pro-lifer who wants to "control women's bodies" or a radical feminist who thinks a good sex strike will curb anti-abortion fervor? Then dating site OkCupid has some useful vetting advice: "skip the small talk and get right to their opinion on Georgia's abortion ban."

"It's extremely ok to skip the small talk and get right to their opinion on Georgia's abortion ban," the dating site tweeted on Thursday.

Not everyone agreed with the advice, with some feeling it was just another example of politics ruining everything.
"What ever happened to just living without politics ruining everything?!" one user said. "Let’s stop with the constant political nonsense and just be FUN and kind again! Go back to questions like: What’s your favorite ice cream, movie, place to travel! So over the politics!"
Though OkCupid issued no clarification as to who exactly it wants to benefit from this entreaty, a brief knowledge of the site's past political activism provides a small hint. The site — and no surprise here — leans far to the left. In 2017, for instance, the dating site actually teamed with abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood to create a vetting process that would identify whether or not a potential mate supported abortion rights.
"A new button on OkCupid's profile creator will allow users to select whether they'd prefer the government defund Planned Parenthood," The Daily Wire's Emily Zanotti reported at the time. "Saying 'no' will trigger a small icon on the user's profile, indicating that they support handing over millions in corporate welfare to a middling health care organization that exists primarily to end pregnancies."
OkCupid even said at the time that a majority of the women who use their site support Planned Parenthood in some way.
"Our community is telling us that caring about the conversation is important, and it does matter that [matches] have a viewpoint that aligns with what they care about," OkCupid CMO Melissa Hobley told Cosmopolitan. "Ninety percent of millennial women on OkCupid care about and believe in supporting Planned Parenthood."
In 2014, OkCupid also spearheaded the effort to oust Mozilla Firefox CEO Brandon Eich from his job due to his past opposition to same-sex marriage by actually blocking Mozilla Firefox users on its platform:
Mozilla’s new CEO, Brendan Eich, is an opponent of equal rights for gay couples. We would therefore prefer that our users not use Mozilla software to access OkCupid.
The message allows OKCupid users to continue to the site via a link at the bottom, but not before they've seen download links for the other four major browsers and a very strong call to action: Those who seek to deny love and instead enforce misery, shame, and frustration are our enemies, and we wish them nothing but failure.
Shortly thereafter, Mozilla Firefox threw Brendan Eich completely under the bus, forcing his resignation from the company. OkCupid smugly said it was "satisfied" with the outcome.
"We are pleased that OkCupid’s boycott has brought tremendous awareness to the critical matter of equal rights for all individuals and partnerships; today’s decision reaffirms Mozilla’s commitment to that cause. We are satisfied that Mozilla will be taking a number of further affirmative steps to support the equality of all relationships," the company said in a statement.
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