DISGUSTING: Democrat Ilhan Omar Distorts Trump’s Words in New Ad — Claims He Called All Immigrants “Animals” – A Complete Lie (VIDEO)

Ilhan Omar may be an America-hating anti-Semite, but the left still LOVES her.
In fact the left really LOVES Ilhan Omar.
Far left internet video site ‘NowThis’ recently cut a video with Ilhan Omar. It was as disgusting and dishonest as you would imagine.
In the video Ilhan, an ungrateful refugee from Somalia, trashes US immigration policy. Then she attacks and lies about President Trump.
The “fact checkers” at NowThis did not catch this… or did not give a damn that it was a bald-faced lie.
Here is liar Ilhan.
Immigrants are America.
Immigrants' children are America.
The fate of America's immigrants is the fate of our country.
And here is what Donald Trump said about MS13 gang members.

It did not matter to Ilhan.
It was no problem for her to lie.
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