Family services removes young boy from his family after they fail to seek conventional medical treatment for his cancer

Family services took a 3-year-old boy away from his family after they refused to take him to the hospital for his necessary leukemia treatments.

The family also fled from their home state of Florida to Kentucky.

What are the details?

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Joshua McAdams, 27, and Taylor Bland-Ball, 22, opted to treat their son, Joshua "Noah" McAdams, with herbal remedies instead of chemotherapy following his heartbreaking diagnosis.

Authorities discovered that the family fled to Kentucky, and discovered them there more than a week after a Florida hospital phoned authorities and reported Noah missing. The Tampa Bay Times reported that authorities located the family in Georgetown, Tennessee, but explained that "no information about how the Tampa family was located or captured in Kentucky was released by Florida authorities."

Authorities arrested McAdams and Bland-Ball on charges of neglect after they refused to give Noah what they called "life-saving" treatment," and placed Noah in the custody of Child Protective Services. Noah is now receiving the treatments that his doctors have ordered.

Twelve days after doctors diagnosed Noah with leukemia, Bland-Ball shared a Facebook announcement that her son had been cured.
"We busted on out of that hospital — with no cancer cells left to spare," she insisted, according to the outlet.

She added, "For those asking, we did two rounds of chemotherapy, specifically vincristine because they can get a medical court order to force you to do it anyways for a child with his diagnosis, we also used rosemary, Vitamin B complex, including B17, [and a] completely alkaline diet."

The outlet reported that Florida's Child Protective Services put a court order in place to take Noah into custody just days before McAdams and Bland-Ball fled from the state with him. Family services discovered that the family was gone when they visited the family's home in order to deliver the court order.

On Wednesday, Bland-Ball updated her Facebook page confirming that child services would be taking possession of her son.

"We are okay," she wrote. "They are taking Noah. We are on our way back to Florida tonight. Thank you so much for your support. Our hearts are broken and all we want is for our boy to get HEALTHY BIOLOGICALLY SOUND TREATMENT."

She added, "No neglect here considering his levels are the best they've ever been and still cancer free after two weeks without chemotherapy — shocker! Thank you for standing with us!"

What else?

The outlet reports that law enforcement previously described McAdams as "armed and dangerous," and revealed that authorities arrested McAdams in 2016 on a misdemeanor battery charge after he purportedly struck Bland-Ball with a plastic toy.
During the altercation, the plastic toy was also said to strike Noah in the face, cutting him. The Daily Mail adds that McAdams purportedly shoved Bland-Ball against a wall "multiple times."

The case was dropped in 2017.
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