Felony charges for woman accused of taking friend's 12-year-old daughter to get birth control against the girl's will

A Pennsylvania woman is fighting felony charges for allegedly taking her friend's 12-year-old daughter to get a birth control implant against the girl's will.

What are the details?

According to a police complaint, Valerie Fullum took two minors to a clinic behind their parents' backs for the purpose of getting the girls birth control implants.

One child, whose age has not been disclosed, declined the treatment. But the 12-year-old says she felt "forced and threatened" by Fullum — who allegedly claimed to the clinic that she was the girl's aunt — and went through with the procedure, according to WNDU-TV. Fullum is a family acquaintance. 

KDKA-TV reported that over the following few weeks the girl was taken to the emergency room several times with unexplained health issues, which doctors were not able to pinpoint.

The 12-year-old''s mother says her daughter told her about the device and what happened with Fullum a month after it was implanted, and took her to have it removed. 

A spokesperson from the state health department told WTAE-TV "that clinicians may provide birth control and contraception to minors without informing or obtaining consent of a parent or guardian."

Anything else?

Fullum, 29, turned herself in to authorities Thursday afternoon, and was booked on two felony counts of endangering welfare of children and a misdemeanor charge of recklessly endangering another person.

Her attorney, Steven Townsend, says she is being falsely accused.
He told WTAE, "My client didn't coerce or force anyone to do anything against their will, and once the facts get out on this case it will be clear."
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