Jeff Daniels: ‘End of Democracy’ if Trump Elected Again in 2020

During an interview on MSNBC actor Jeff Daniels made the insane claim that it would be the “end of democracy” if President Trump is re-elected in 2020.

Host Nicolle Wallace prodded Daniels on by stating “I get to come back and talk to you after, and I confess that it was me sobbing in the fourth row at the scene when Atticus is at the jail and protecting — the KKK comes, they come for him and it’s Scout that recognizes one of her hooded neighbors. And I started sobbing. I mean, our children are watching this moment. Atticus’ children are played by extraordinary actors in the play. And it is this reminder that in this moment in our politics, our children are watching.”
Of course Daniels took the bait and said “I live in Michigan. After the election, I was surprised, some of the people. I said, can you believe this election? They go, yeah, isn’t it great? And you’re going, whoa. And my wife’s on Facebook, oh, we got another Trumper. You didn’t see it coming.”
He added “Atticus goes through this. I know these people. They’re good people. There are reasons why. He’s an apologist, he’s an enabler. And I think there are people in the Midwest, between the coasts, who don’t know anything about this, who don’t care about this, they don’t have time for this, who have to make a decision now. You have to decide whether, like Atticus, you believe there is still compassion, decency, civility, respect for others, do unto others — remember that? Do unto others.”
“All that stuff you guys believe in, and you still voted not for Hillary, or for Trump, where are you now? Because your kids are looking up at you going, but he lies. And I think there are a lot of people in the Midwest who are going — it might be enough for them. We’re going to find out if the big gamble is to go all the way to November 2020, which I agree, and lose, it’s the end of democracy,” Daniels concluded.
This claim is of course ridiculous because Trump winning re-election would actually prove that our Republic and system of government is working exactly as the founders intended.

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