Man Who Voiced ‘Winnie The Pooh’ Accused Of Rape, Abuse By Ex-Wife

Jim Cummings, the man who voiced the iconic character of “Winnie the Pooh,” has been accused of rape by his ex-wife.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, the voice actor’s ex-wife Stephanie Cummings says Jim has engaged “in physical, sexual, and emotional abuse including but not limited to death threats, rape, and various sexual deviant behavior forced upon me without my consent” since the couple’s divorce in 2011.

Stephanie claims she has two separate domestic violence restraining orders against the actor after violent incidents, including one in August of 2011, “when she says Jim came over to her home and slapped her on the buttocks and forced himself on her in front of their 4-year-old daughter,” The Blast reports.
“He later came up behind me,” the ex-wife claims, “grabbed my arm, spun me around, and forcefully put his hand on the back of my neck and kissed me while holding me in place against the wall.”
The 66-year-old actor then allegedly asked Stephanie if she could “see him leaking, because that’s what I make him do when he touches me.” She said the experience left her “humiliated and degraded.”
Jim recalled the incident differently, saying in court documents that hef was “joking and laughing” with his ex-wife. “I touched her slightly on the butt,” he recalled. “[T]the whole incident was happy” and consensual, he said, noting that Stephanie “is much taller than I am, and a large woman, made no objection to anything.”
Jim denied the alleged incident further in an email to Stephanie: “Shame on you, you’re [sic] distortions are obscene. ‘forcing?’ Please, everyone, Gracie myself and especially YOU were all giggling and laughing, it was pleasant to have one moment of light-heartedness,” he wrote. “We both erupted into laughter ... I’m hardly the first person in the world to point out one ‘catches more flys [sic] with honey than vinegar’ for you to overlay a reference to being a whore is little too telling, Let’s get this over with for the love of God.”
A police report was filed after Jim allegedly raped her in 2013, the ex claims.
“Jim would frequently ‘without consent, would touch my buttocks, my groin, and my breasts. He would hold me in place attempting to kiss and fondle me. He would spank me in front of our daughters. He would then follow up by making sexual comments to me that I found repugnant,” Stephanie said, according to the report.
The former Disney star voice actor would allegedly say he could “touch Mommy’s breasts since he had paid for them” in front of their daughters.
In 2017, Stephanie moved to Utah with their two daughters. When Jim asked to stay at their home during a visit, she accepted. “However, during the middle of the night, she claims Jim was ‘standing over me with his erect penis in my hand. He was using my hand to stroke his penis while my youngest daughter was asleep on the other side of me. She was 10 years old at the time,’” the report said.
“I told him to stop and get out of the house. He refused. He then came back and did the same thing, insisting I masturbate him or he would wake Lulu up. I did as he asked given his threat to wake up my daughter and my worry that I could not control what he would do in front of her,” claimed Stephanie.
That was when the second restraining order was allegedly obtained by Stephanie, she said.
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