Outrage As Black Kid Arrested With Bag On Head, But Video Shows Truth

A stunning video of a 12-year-old black male child being arrested and having a bag placed on his head by Sacramento Police has surfaced.
The black community, and many others, have expressed outrage over photos of the incident with the bag on the child’s head.
But now the Sacramento Police Department has shared body camera footage of the incident that shows another side of the story.
The tiny terror resisted arrest from the start of the video as he cursed at the police officers and struggled to not allow them to handcuff him.
And he got more out of hand when he spit on a female officer, and when she told other officers he responded by admitting to what he did.

“Yeah I spit on your b**ch a**,” he said more than one time before the bag, which is a net and allows him to breathe, was placed on his head.
He started telling officers he could not breathe as a bystander attempted to tell the police what they were and were not allowed to do.

He fought the police who were attempting to sit him in the patrol car and also threatened to assault them again saying “I will kick your b**ch a**.”
“Our officers involved in this incident appropriately used a spit mask to protect themselves and defuse the situation,” Chief Daniel Hahn said.
“I am grateful that our officers were willing to proactively intervene when they observed suspicious activity, and that nobody was injured during this encounter,” he said.

But none of the armchair, Internet activists cared to see the entire video or cared what it showed as they had their anti-Police narrative.
Sacramento police defended the arrest of a 12-year-old Black boy during which he was handcuffed, pinned to the ground and his face covered with a bag. They say the spit mask was needed to "protect themselves."

He can be heard saying "I can't breathe" in police bodycam footage.

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