Vandal calling himself 'The Code Enforcer' wanted in New Jersey for keying cars, slashing tires of people with 'untidy' yards

Police in Westhampton Township, New Jersey, are on the hunt for an elusive vandal who is terrorizing their community in the name of better lawn care.

The suspect has been keying cars and slashing tires of residents, leaving behind notes telling victims they've been cited by "The Code Enforcer," and listing how they can improve their yards to prevent another attack.

What in the world?

Police Lt. Brian Ferguson told KYW-TV the vandal has damaged eight vehicles over the past year, but most of the victims have been hit in the past month. In at least three instances, handwritten "citations" were left for the victims, "basically, informing the resident that he was unhappy with the way their property was being kept and he was the new code enforcement officer in town," Ferguson said.

One woman's notice from the self-proclaimed inspector explained her vehicle was vandalized because her lawn needed edging, there were clippings in the yard, and the trees needed trimming. Others have been told they needed to mow.

Authorities say the man has done roughly $10,000 in damage in the area of Holly Hill, and believe he is a resident in the area. The suspect reportedly has a small dog.

Anything else?

Police are worried that if they don't catch the vandal before another resident does, he won't be the only one taking the law into his own hands.

If "The Code Enforcer" looks familiar to you, please call Lt. Ferguson at 609-267-3000, ext. 154.
Self-Proclaimed 'Code Enforcer' Keying Vehicles, Slashing Tires Over Lawn Care In South Jersey
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