VIDEO: Democrat offers a stunning defense of abortion in heated CNN debate

A debate on CNN over the truthfulness of a statement from the president on abortion got so heated that a Democrat guest stunned many with her bizarre defense of the controversial operation.

Former New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn launched into a yelling match with Rick Santorum, former U.S. senator, while Chris Cuomo moderated.
"Do you disagree that at the moment of conception, that child is human and alive?" Santorum asked.

Quinn absolutely denied that the baby was human and alive, while Cuomo made the distinction between the baby being human, and when the law acknowledges the personhood of the baby.

'That is not a human being inside of her!'

Santorum offered a hypothetical situation in order to undermine Quinn's contention that an unborn baby was the "property" of the woman and could do anything she wanted to it.

"Let's be clear here, Rick, with all of your distortions and horrible tales," Quinn said.
"You didn't answer my question," Santorum interrupted.

"I answered it numerous times!" replied Quinn.

"When a woman gets pregnant, that is not a human being inside of her," she added. "It's part of her body."

"Oh wow," responded Santorum, clearly shocked.
"And this is about a woman having full agency and control of her body and making decisions about her body and what is part of her body with medical professionals," she added.

"So the baby is property!" Santorum said, aghast.

Here's the video of the shocking debate:

CNN Contributor: 'When a Woman Gets Pregnant, That Is Not a Human Being Inside of Her'
Cuomo went on to excoriate Santorum and scold him for defending the president and his pro-life position.
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