WATCH: Leftist students freak out, get arrested by campus cops — after yet another allegedly stolen MAGA hat

It appears another gaggle of left-wing college students have allowed the sight of a "Make America Great Again" hat — the iconic symbol of President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign that's more or less become kryptonite to leftists — get the better of their decision-making skills and emotions.

What happened?

A Texas State University student shot video Wednesday of what he told Campus Reform occurred after another student stole his MAGA hat amid a heated political discussion on campus.

The clip shows one student in a light purple shirt dropping and kicking the student's MAGA hat as campus police confront her.

While she's handcuffed, cops drop another student face down on the quad pavement as other students holler in protest and gather around the growing number of police.

A third student begins screaming and crying hysterically, trying to get past officers: "Don't f***ing touch her!"

An apparent officer is heard speaking to the student whose MAGA hat was allegedly stolen, asking if he wants to press charges, and the student responds that he does and then is directed to follow the person.

As the pair of handcuffed students are led away, someone is heard off camera stating, "If that's not white privilege I don't know what the f*** is."

Oh, but it gets better

As police lead the arrested individuals through a building, the student who earlier was screaming and crying hysterically upped things quite a bit, getting in the MAGA-hat student's face and bellowing, "Get out! Why are you here?! Why are you here?! Leave!"

Someone is then heard telling the MAGA-hat student, "You're escalating the situation. Get the f*** out." 

Another freak out, coming right up

Then inside the campus police station, yet another leftist student wearing a bandanna over her face tried to get past police to one of the arrested students and actually appeared to bump chests with a cop.

She was immediately turned against a wall and handcuffed as she yelled, "Don't f***ing touch me! What crime are you suspecting me of committing?! Articulate it! Articulate it!"

Oh, did we mention there's video of this Texas State dust-up, too? Why, yes we did. Here you go. ( Content warning: Leftist F-bombs dropping soon):

What did campus police have to say?

Police said four students were arrested Wednesday but didn't mention the MAGA hat. It isn't clear what the fourth arrested student did in relation to the incident, as the clip shows only three in handcuffs. Police added that the students were transported to the Hays County Jail for arraignment before a judge.

What's the background? 

A student who identified himself only as Tyler M. for fear of being doxxed told Campus Reform he was the student whose MAGA hat was stolen, and he provided video of the incident to the outlet.

More from the outlet:
Tyler M. told Campus Reform that just before the incident took place, he and some friends had walked over to an area on campus where a leftist group was counter-protesting the anticipated protest of a conservative biker group. The biker group, named Texas Nomads SAR, states that it "believe[s] in protecting those attacked and targeted for expressing their God-given rights guaranteed by the charities and giving back to those in need. We believe our veterans and warriors should come before refugees and illegal criminals. As Americans, we know radical Islam and sharia law have no place in this country."

The biker group had planned a protest at Texas State University over the student government's failed attempt in April to ban the conservative group Turning Point USA from campus, the Austin Statesman reported. According to a Wednesday statement from the university, Texas Nomads SAR never showed.

As the conversation between Tyler M. and the leftist protesters continued, a crowd gathered around them, Tyler M. toldCampus Reform.

"Again, none of our conservative people were ever instigating anything," Tyler M. told the outlet. "I can guarantee that. No one was ever yelling or shouting over people. We were all very patient."

He told the outlet that soon "I felt someone kind of come up behind me and kind of grab my hat, lift it up, and try to run away."

Tyler M. told Campus Reform he chased after a female, grabbed her backpack to slow her down but not her body, then came up beside her and asked, "Can you please give me back my hat?"

Police then approached the student and asked her to give back his hat, Tyler M. told the outlet, noting that she "hesitated at first but then she did drop it, and as soon as the hat fell on the [ground] she kicks it."

After the incident, the Texas State Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter tweeted, "Don't cuff students, cuff the haters."

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