Alex Jones Offers $1M Reward After Alleged ‘Malware’ Attack That He Says Planted Child Porn on His Servers

Infowars founder Alex Jones and his lawyer, Norm Pattis, say the conspiracy theory aficionado was the target of a malware attack that left child pornography embedded on his servers, a move which they say sparked an FBI investigation.
With Pattis by his side on his show Friday, Jones exploded into a five-minute rant before announcing he would fork over $1 million to whoever finds the culprit.
“You’re trying to set me up with child porn, I’m going to get your ass. One million dollars, one million dollars you little gang member. One million dollars to put your head on a pike. One million dollars, bitch,” Jones shouted, adding, “You’re not going to ever defeat Texas, you sacks of shit.”
After initially offering $100,000 before bumping up that sum, Jones said, “I don’t have a lot of money, but I’ll sell my house.”
Pattis said the FBI has been conducting an investigation into the matter for several weeks after a company tasked with screening Infowars’ emails found 12 threatening messages that contained images of child porn.
“These were emails that if you, me or one of your workers had opened we would have been subjected to five years in federal prison,” Pattis said, adding that no one at Infowars had opened any of the infected files.
Jones is currently being sued by the families of Sandy Hook victims who say he has profited off of spreading claims the massacre was a hoax. He appeared to suggest repeatedly throughout Friday’s episode that he was framed by someone tied to those suing him. He repeatedly singled out Christopher Mattei, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney who currently represents the Sandy Hook families, and railed against Democrats who he appeared to believe were working against him.
“I’m not into kids like your Democratic party, you cocksuckers,” he said. “I don’t like having sex with children, I would never have sex with children.”
“I am so sick of their filth and living off the dead kids of Sandy Hook.”
The FBI did not respond to requests for comment at the time of publication. The U.S. Attorney's Office in the District of Connecticut, which Jones claimed would release a statement declaring him a victim in the matter, declined to comment.
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