CNN Rushes To Cut Away After Trump Crowd Begins Chanting ‘CNN Sucks’

Man, the truth must hurt.
Only moments into President Donald Trump’s speech Tuesday night officially kicking off his 2020 re-election bid, CNN cut away from the packed house at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, to bring America its commentary on an address that was still in progress.
Maybe it was just a coincidence, but it happened to come less than a minute after the crowd chanted a pretty unflattering slogan about the cable news giant.
Check it out below:

Trump had just finished touting his election as a “defining moment in American history” and mocking the news media present at the speech when the crowd broke into a semi-prolonged chant of “CNN sucks.”
Clearly amused, Trump paused, then resumed his speech.
Possibly not so amused, CNN switched from Trump speaking to talking head John Berman.
“All right. We’ve been watching the president kick off his re-election bid. He’s been on stage for about six minutes,” Berman said.
“Within two minutes he did talk about the economy, but within four minutes it was attacks on the media.”
From Berman’s delivery, it seemed utterly baffling why the president of the United States would feel it necessary to attack the media.
As though the American establishment media, and CNN in particular, had not long ago abdicated its rightful role of chronicling American politics with at least a degree of professionalism and fairness.
Fortunately, many Americans – the ones capable of reading and seeing what’s right in front of their eyes – had no problem understanding the Amway Center crowd’s message.

Americans got a chance to watch ALL of this tremendous speech without interruption BUT NOT ON CNN FAKE NEWS
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CNN is far from the only institution that deserves to be humiliated.
Ever since Trump rode that escalator in June 2015 to announce his run for the presidency, the standard bearers of the establishment media – The New York Times, the major news networks, CNN – have made their mission to try to destroy him.
But even in that crowd, CNN has stood out for its relentlessly negative coverage of the man in the Oval Office.
Just about every American knows it.
And the crowd at a Trump re-election rally knows it on a deeply personal level.
On Tuesday night, as it has before, the reaction came out on national television.
True to form, CNN cut away.
But man, that truth must hurt.
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