Congressman Matt Gaetz Assaulted At Town Hall — By His Former Democrat Opponent! — Police Arrest the Woman (Video)

Unhinged leftists surrounded Congressman Matt Gaetz as he was leaving a town hall in Florida on Saturday, with one woman throwing a milkshake at him while her friends shouted the usual chants at him.

After the incident, police arrested Amanda L. Kondrat’yev on Battery charges.

Kondrat’yev actually ran for the congressional seat in 2016 — against Rep. Matt Gaetz!
She ran as a far left Democrat against Matt Gaetz in 2016.

Now she’s assaulting him on the street!
Kondrat’yev is an IT specialist.
Meanwhile, crazed leftists celebrate the act, with some saying they will throw worse things.

Well, if anyone deserved to have a milkshake throw on them it's the Presidents lying evil attack dog Matt Gaetz. He's the guy that thought it would be funny to make the Pencil Act against Adam Schiff. That milkshake is funny.
— George (@George24377377) June 2, 2019

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