Crenshaw Calls Out ‘Shameless’ Hillary Clinton for ‘Blatantly Lying’

We know a lot about former secretary of state and two-time Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
We know she likes to listen to women … unless those women are accusing her husband, former President Bill Clinton, of doing naughty things.
We know she likes to lecture on cybersecurity … but kept and communicated classified information on an unsecured private email server.
We know she likes to rail against corruption … but her 2016 campaign allegedly laundered $84 million in what the Committee to Defend the President’s Dan Backer has called “the largest” campaign finance scandal in American history.
But Clinton also likes to find herself in fights she can’t win.

Here’s looking at you, 2016 presidential election.
Her latest losing battle was between her and Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw.
(I could stop now. You probably know how this story is going to end.)
Last week, Clinton decided it would be a good idea to step into the spotlight and bless us allwith her perspective on the situation at America’s southern border with Mexico.

“Two-year-olds in detention. Children forced to take care of other children. Not enough food or water,” she tweeted Friday. “Demand accountability from your Republican representatives for allowing this administration to cage children and keep them in unconscionable conditions.”
Crenshaw got wind of the tweet and, after no doubt shooting red, white and blue freedom rage from his eye-laser, had the perfect response.
“What insane gaslighting,” Crenshaw wrote on Sunday. “You know Dems have refused to support funding for resources at the border & have offered no solutions. So tell us, if you were President, how would you manage hundreds of thousands of people illegally crossing our border and dragging children with them?” 
But Crenshaw wasn’t done yet.
“After blatantly lying, you’re also fundraising for ‘rights of immigrants’ using ActBlue, the Democratic Party fundraising platform, so that donor data is collected for the Democrats,” Crenshaw wrote.
Crenshaw was referring to the fact that Hillary turned her ridiculously dishonest tweet into a fundraising effort to obtain donors for — wait for it — the party that won’t fund any meaningful border reform.
Clinton represents the worst of the pandering, crooked and corrupt politicians who suckle at the teat of big money while operating with a full pass from the establishment media.

She is, as Crenshaw rightly pointed out, “absolutely shameless.”
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