Hannity Unearths Old Video of Comey Talking About AG Barr, Creates Big Prob for Dems’ Narrative

Sean Hannity earns his living exposing liberals’ lies and revealing their hypocrisy.
And Monday was no exception, as the conservative commentator unearthed some raw footage that will no doubt make the left very uncomfortable.
In the footage below, fired FBI Director James Comey — darling of the left and the man behind some of the strangest pictures on the internet — talks about William Barr.
You know about Attorney General Barr, right?
He’s the guy who released special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report, only to be accused by the left of not being transparent.
Not ringing a bell?
He’s the guy who the establishment media and every leftist talking head has spent the last month accusing of misleading the American public for committing the unforgivable act of … letting the world see the Mueller report.
One could argue that other than President Donald Trump himself, no man is more hated by the left right now than Barr.
Enter Hannity and this juicy clip of flashback footage.
In the video below, the news media asks Comey about Barr back in December 2018, before he was confirmed as attorney general.
“Comey’s comments come days after recently released transcripts showed former Attorney General Loretta Lynch directly rebuked the FBI boss’s Congressional testimony last year,” Hannity.com noted Monday.
Grab an umbrella and a poncho, because some leftists’ heads are about to explode.
An offscreen reporter asked Comey if he has confidence that Barr would act without partiality.
“I like and respect Bill Barr,” Comey responded.

“He’s an institutionalist who cares deeply about the integrity of the Justice Department,” Comey said.
“So I’m sure he’ll use the standard career resources he has to judge what he should be involved in and what he shouldn’t be involved in,” he added.
That sound you now hear is MSNBC host Rachel Maddow breaking windows with her angry shrieks.
But Comey wasn’t finished heaping praise on the most disliked man outside the Oval Office.
“Bill Barr is a talented person who was a good attorney general the first time,” Comey told reporters.
“I liked him very much then. I think he will serve the Justice Department well.”
Well, you heard it straight from horse’s mouth: Barr “will serve the Justice Department well.”
If the tears of liberals are as sweet as I imagine, then this video is my proverbial fountain of milk and honey.
I shall drink deeply from its depths.
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