Mass brawl at Little League game as moms and dads resort to fisticuffs after a 13-year-old umpire 'made a controversial call' in game for seven-year-old children

This is the shocking moment a mass brawl breaks out between parents at a Little League game involving seven-year-old children after an umpire made a controversial call.
More than a dozen rival spectators - including women - began fighting after a 13-year-old umpire said one of the players had batted out of order during the school baseball match.
Police said one person was seriously injured in the disturbance at Westgate Elementary School in Lakewood, Colorado, which happened shortly before noon on Saturday June 15. 

Ugly scenes captured on a cellphone showed up to 20 adults brawling in the dirt as young players ran from the field in horror.
Four people have been cited for disorderly conduct and fighting in public, Lakewood Police Department reported.
Investigators have released footage of the brawl in a bid to track down other people involved, particularly a man wearing a white T-shirt and teal shorts who was seen flooring another man with a sucker punch.

Jaw-dropping video shows a man punch a rival while his back is turned - sparking a full-blown melee as others pile in and start trading blows.
A man in a white T-shirt and teal shorts is seen repeatedly punching another man in the face before dragging him to ground.
As he staggers back to his feet, the cowardly thug then floors him with a vicious right hand from behind.
Witnesses can be heard screaming hysterically and one shouts 'call the cops', while another starts praying to Jesus.
The injured victim is shielded on the ground from any further blows as another man protects him with his body and cradles his head.
Viewers on social media called the behaviour 'juvenile' and said the parents should be ashamed of themselves.
Mary Griego wrote: 'I'm watching this and it brings tears to my eyes. These poor kids have to watch this. Come on parents, grow the hell up.'
Debi Chavez said: 'Great example set for those poor kids. And we wonder what is wrong with today's youth?'
Donna Christensen added: 'What on earth are these parents teaching their children? So sad.'
Lakewood Police Department spokesman John Romero told CBS Denver: 'This went beyond a simple shoving match. 
'Fists were flying, as you can see there's fights all over the field. There's several fights going on at the same time between men and women.
'I believe it was over someone batting out of order. It was just over a simple ruling. A simple baseball ruling is what caused this.
'It's something that people are gawking at and there's shock value but it's serious. These are serious things that happened during a youth baseball game.' 
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