More Hollywood Hate: New Chucky Made to Look Like President Trump

The latest sequel to the Chucky horror movie franchise has redesigned the come-to-life killer doll to resemble President Donald Trump, stars of the movie confirmed to Variety at Wednesday’s premier.

Variety reported that Child’s Play stars Mark Hamill, Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry confirmed the new Chucky’s intended resemblance to Trump while director Lars Klevberg played coy.

…“Oh, you caught that?” Aubrey Plaza asked Variety on the black carpet outside ArcLight Hollywood.
…Mark Hamill, who was attracted to the sci-fi, artificial intelligence-based twist on the original movie, couldn’t deny the resemblance to President 45. “That’s pretty accurate,” he told Variety. “Now he’s even creepier than he was before.” (“Some people say that,” director Lars Klevberg also admitted of the scary similarities.)
And the comparison certainly wasn’t lost on co-star Brian Tyree Henry: “[Chucky’s] incredibly creepy,” he told Variety. “And who’s creepier [than Trump]? You know what I’m saying?”
The movie updates Chucky to a play on AI home devices.
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