Nike Celebrates Oppression of Women – Promotes “Hijabi Ballers” in New Ad

Nike Toronto celebrated the oppression of women in a new ad by promoting “Hijabi Ballers.”

“Don’t change who you are. Change the world.” Nike says as it promotes Sharia law. So, enslave the entire world under Sharia law?
“By starting @HijabiBallers, it was about changing that narrative of Muslim women – celebrating their athleticism and giving opportunities to Muslim female athletes to grow as athletes and not having to give up their faith to do that.” #justdoit – Nike said in its caption with a picture of oppressed Muslim women wearing hijabs.
Hijabi Ballers is a Toronto-based non-profit organization “celebrating and increasing the involvement of Muslim females in sports.”
Who needs the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS spreading the caliphate across the world when Nike does it for them?
Nike is openly promoting Sharia law.
Previously, Nike promoted Muslim Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad asserting, “The Nike pro hijab goes global.”

Both Nike and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit are now promoting the oppression of women in the name of “diversity.” Let that sink in.
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