Triggered IBWC PR Representative Goes Rogue on ‘Build the Wall’ Organization — ‘Build the Wall’ Shoots Off Warning Letter

The International Boundary and Water Commision (IBWC) is a federal government agency and the U.S. component of the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC), which applies the boundary and water treaties of the United States and Mexico. The IBWC is a 50-50 owned organization with Mexico and apparently are in charge of our entire border with Mexico.
The IBWC was established in 1889.
Over Memorial Day Weekend the “We Build the Wall” organization built a half mile section of border wall on private property that bordered Mexico west of El Paso, Texas.
Since the historic accomplishment the We Build the Wall organization has been smeared and harassed by IBWC Public Affairs Officer and Beto O’Rourke supporter Lori Kuczmanski, a leftwing official who is determined to keep the border open.

Lori Kuczmanski IBWC PR Officer
Kuczmanski’s Twitter feed is littered with smears and attacks against We Build the Wall and its founder Brian Kolfage.
It is a wonder how an open borders radical can land a job like this?

Brian Kolfage sent this tweet out on Saturday to Ms. Kuczmanski:
Kuczmanski is speaking out against Lori K. going rogue against the We Build the Wall organization and smearing the group as liars and frauds.

On Saturday We Build the Wall and founder triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage sent off a letter from their lawyer to the IBWC on its rogue public affairs officer.

This week we’ve been dealing with the International Boundary and Waterway Commission (IBWC) over a gate we installed next to our wall in Sunland Park, NM, free of charge. For about a day the IBWC locked the gate open and then we reached an agreement where they would keep the gate locked at night and only open the gate at intermittent times during the day to allow their employees access to the dam they manage.
By Friday, our talks with the IBWC had gone so well that IBWC Commissioner Jayne Harkins put out a press release pledging to work together with me and WeBuildTheWall on other projects we are working on along the border. It was all very friendly:
Everything was great but we continued to get calls from the media about comments made by IBWC PR Rep Lori Kuczmanski making materially false claims and violating the spirit of the cooperation we had made with top IBWC officials. We contacted the IBWC and they told us that they would talk to her and that she would be contacting the media who had quoted her and she would make corrections and retractions.
On Saturday, when we continued to get calls from reporters asking us to respond to new attacks from Kuczmanski, we asked her to stop. That’s when things got crazy!
Triggered, Kuczmanski went crazy!
She went on to call me and my team all kinds of childish names including libelous claims about me, Dustin, and WeBuildTheWall. Unfortunately for her, we’ve got all the proof and I dropped the BOOM on her!

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