Bozell: ‘There Are More Prostitutes’ in US Than CNN Viewers

There’s no denying that CNN has an out-sized influence in the cable news landscape.
Even the network’s slogan attests to it: “This is CNN,” it intones, every word pronounced distinctly and with resonance, as if the announcer were describing a Fabergé egg or a Picasso.
Well, in fairness, there aren’t many Fabergé eggs or Picassos, and there aren’t too many viewers of CNN to go around, either.
In fact, as Brent Bozell — president of the conservative Media Resource Center — pointed out recently, there are more prostitutes in America than there are CNN viewers.
And of course, he noted, it’s largely because of the network’s inveterate hatred of Donald Trump. 
“What’s the future of the news media? Ladies and gentlemen, I think they’re dead,” Bozell said during a speech at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver on Friday, according to CNS News.
That death, he noted, was all because of Trump — or rather, the media’s pursuit of his impeachment.
“They want this man removed. They’re not going to remove him, so they want to defeat him from office — and it will cost them everything,” Bozell said.
The evidence for this could be found in CNN’s viewership, Bozell said. Or rather, the lack thereof — particularly since special counsel Robert Mueller’s report was released.
“I want you to think about CNN. CNN’s numbers right now — this is on a good night — seven hundred and sixty-one thousand people, thousand people, nationwide. Now, let’s put that in perspective. That’s less than two-tenths of one percent of the American people,” he said.
“Putting it in better perspective: There are more people who own pet chickens than watch CNN. There are more practicing witches in America than viewers of CNN.”
“And, my favorite, ladies and gentlemen: There are more prostitutes in America than there are viewers of CNN,” Bozell noted.
Indeed, there are roughly 1 million prostitutes in the United States, according to Business Insider. That’s more than 761,000. 
And what’s more, it’s not just more than the average. It’s more than CNN’s top prime-time show drew in May.
“Cuomo Prime Time hosted by Chris Cuomo was CNN’s top show of the month, averaging 938,000 total viewers (No.25 across cable news), and 228,000 A25-54 demo viewers (No. 14 across cable news),” Adweek’s TV Newser reported in May.
In short, at CNN’s best, the network is falling short of prostitutes.
At its worst, well. I bet they hope there are a lot prostitutes hanging around airport terminals or something.
But this was all predictable.
The whole Trump/Russia narrative fed CNN for how long? How much time did that eat up?
And it all ended in tears, at least as far as Don Lemon and company were concerned.
And yet, CNN doesn’t seem to notice what’s wrong.
Every new development is a crisis, every issue a big win for the Democrats, every day it comes closer to falling apart.
And yet, it doesn’t. It’s never been close to doing so, in fact.
Has the network learned its lesson?
Double dupe by state tv: Pretending climate change isn’t legit and ignoring new video of terrible conditions at border.
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Of course not. The ratings may change, the times may change, the issues may change, but the eternal crisis never does.

This is CNN, indeed.
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