CBP Chief: Antifa Terrorist Attack on ICE Fueled by Dems’ ‘Irresponsible Rhetoric’

Early Saturday morning, a crazed member of the violent, leftist organization Antifa launched a daring firebomb attack on a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement migrant holding center in Tacoma, Washington.
The attacker, who was shot and killed by Washington state law enforcement, was 69-year-old Willem Van Spronsen. He took a deadly cache of weapons with him for his attack, which included a rifle and several improvised explosive devices.
During an appearance on Fox News, Customs and Border Protection acting Commissioner Mark Morgan explained what he thinks prompted the potentially deadly attack on the ICE facility. And he’s placing the blame squarely on Democrats.
“Why is this happening? We know why it’s happening. The rhetoric that’s out there from our own elected leaders,” Morgan said.
“They are attacking the men and women of ICE. They are attacking the men and women of CBP. It’s unjust, it’s unfair, it’s misinformed — and outright, sometimes they are just lying to the American people, and it’s undoubtedly fueling this,” he added.
You can watch the CBP chief’s Monday interview with Laura Ingraham in the video below.

Backing his claim that Democrats — especially radicals like New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — are fueling the uptick in the hatred of President Donald Trump and his border law enforcement agencies is the fact that Van Spronsen was revealed to have penned a bizarre manifesto before the attack.
In that manifesto, he called on his “comrades” to arm themselves. He also called the ICE holding centers “concentration camps,” which was an absurd comparison that Ocasio-Cortez recently made, along with other radicals in the Democratic party.

But don’t expect those same Democrats to offer swift and decisive condemnations of the attack. Ocasio-Cortez initially failed to condemn Van Spronsen’s assault on the facility, but later provided The Daily Caller with a “vague response,” saying, “any act of violence is of course terrible.”
Morgan took the opportunity to expose Ocasio-Cortez for her now-infamous concentration camp comparison to ICE holding centers by explaining a clear difference between the two.
“This year alone, [the men and women of CBP] rescued almost 4,000 individuals — individuals trying to illegally enter this country. They rescued them. They saved their lives. The last time I checked, in the concentration camps, Nazis were killing people. Customs and Border Protection are saving lives,” Morgan told Ingraham.
“It’s irresponsible rhetoric and there should be some accountability,” he added.
And he’s right on the money. Basic world history and common sense will tell you that Jews didn’t voluntarily go to concentration camps — they were forced into them, where many were ultimately tortured, starved and killed.
That’s shockingly different than what’s happening on the southern U.S. border. Illegal immigrants are literally flocking, by the tens of thousands, to get across the border knowing full well they’ll be detained for a period of time.
Nobody is arguing that the holding facilities are wonderful places, though they’re not nearly as dreadful as the liberal mainstream media and Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez would have you believe. Being detained in the U.S. is luxurious compared to the numerous dangers illegal immigrants face on their long journey to the border.
But that’s something that Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez and her radical colleagues will never admit, because it would deflate their anti-Trump agendas and telling the truth would make it much more difficult for them to push their narratives.
Thankfully, we have top officials like Morgan on the airwaves pushing out the truth of what’s really taking the border crisis in an extremely dangerous direction.
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