Hong Kong Police tear-gassed themselves because they forgot how downwind works - video

Officers had been trying to tear-gas protesters in the north west town of Sheung Wan. However, this quite literally blew back in their faces.
The footage has been shared by Hong Kong University’s HKU Campus TV Facebook page, and shows the deployed tear gas blowing straight back over police lines.
As civilian unrest rocked the streets of Sheung Wan over the weekend, HKU Campus TV shared a number of videos showing officers firing teargas, rubber bullets and sponge grenades at protesters.
It was alarming to see this sort of force being used against members of the public, and many people have expressed their concerns via the Facebook page.
HKU Campus TV has also captured footage of officers making errors. These gafs included accidentally tear-gassing journalists who were reporting at the scene, as well as forcing their own colleagues to retreat after tear-gassing them.
Such videos have gained widespread public reaction, with many citizens offering their two cents on the competency of the Hong Kong Police. A matter which some believed was already up for debate.
These videos have emerged amidst a period of civilian unrest in Hong Kong. As reported by The New York Times, tens of thousands of protesters headed to the Yuen Long train station over the weekend to oppose an assault committed by over 100 men the previous Sunday.
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