Man Offers Panhandler Job, And That’s When Things Turn Ugly

Phony Florida panhandlers are finally being exposed as the frauds they are.
According to WTVT, a man in Bradenton, Florida stood up and spoke out publicly after a local panhandler rejected a job that would’ve paid him $15 an hour, cursed him out and kicked his vehicle.
Ryan Bray of Bray Remodeling was joined by WTVT’s Kimberly Kuizon at a local intersection where he furnished a sign warning all passersby and drivers not to provide any money to beggars.
“I offered him $15.00 an hour to do yard work for me and he refused. If we as a community stop paying them, they will leave our neighborhood,” Bray wrote on a homemade sign.
During a Monday news interview with Kuizon about the sign, the man who originally rejected Bray’s job offer confronted him and stated that he did nothing wrong by declining the employment opportunity. 
And despite the panhandler’s use of foul language as Bray stood nearby in protest, the beggar still managed to collect money from passing motorists.
“You can’t shut me down, brother,” the man said.
Kuizon posted pictures of the encounter on Twitter:
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As we were shooting our story the homeless man showed up. He wouldn’t give us his name, but he claims he’s not doing anything wrong @FOX13News
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Bray said he has seen the same group of panhandlers on his street for years and decided he wanted to do more than just give a temporary boost. He said he offered one man a job doing yard work for his family’s remodeling company, along with whatever assistance he needed to get off the street.
“He reached his arms inside my vehicle, resting them and said hey do you have any money? I said no but I have one better for you … He said ‘absolutely not.’ Started getting belligerent and cursing,” Bray said.
Bray claimed the man then demanded he leave and kicked his vehicle.
The handyman entrepreneur was having none of it, and decided to take a stand.  
Bray said he believes panhandlers will leave the area if people simply keep their windows shut.
“I can’t have my 13-year-old daughter and my wife driving with their windows up and being berated the entire time if they don’t get money,” he told Kuizon.
There will be always be those who try to take advantage of others’ generosity.

Though there are so many people who could desperately use some spare change, there are almost as many who could work, but choose not to.
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