MSM Gloated About Potentially ‘Tiny Crowd,’ Trump’s Actual 4th Turnout Put That Fake News To Rest

For the liberal media, it wasn’t as embarrassing as the 2016 election result, but it was up there.
From predicting a potentially pitiful turnout for the Fourth of July festivities in the nation’s capital to producing ominous warnings that Trump was putting on a spectacle simply to put himself at center stage, the mainstream media flubbed the doomsaying that preceded Thursday’s Independence Day celebration in Washington.
And President Donald Trump proved the critics wrong again.
In the run-up to the July Fourth party on the National Mall, there was no shortage of detractors slamming Trump’s plans — whether it was wanting to have military hardware like tanks on hand for American citizens to appreciate, or his decision to speak at an event that presidents in the past have not attended.
The New York Times weighed in Thursday with a particularly egregious headline that stated “Trump ‘salute’ offends some in military” with a summary headline: “Fears of Being Paraded on Fourth as Props.”
The headline was different in the online edition, possibly because someone at The Times realized the story didn’t back up the doomsaying headlines in the slightest. (No active duty military were even quoted, much less any expressing “fears of being paraded as props.”)
One almost-laughable-in-hindsight article published by the U.K. Independent on Thursday practically gloated in advance about what the story said could be an “embarrassingly small crowd” on the National Mall.
Instead, Trump’s speech was a salute to the American military that swelled with pride in its storied past, he avoided the politics of the day and the crowd was huge.
“The event defied the critics who said the celebration on Thursday would be a partisan political spectacle that would not even attract a significant crowd. CBS, ABC, NBC and MSNBC snubbed the celebration and didn’t air it live, save for their online streaming platforms,” Fox News reported.
“Yet a massive crowd gathered on the Lincoln Memorial despite the rain, with Trump later tweeting an aerial photo showing an audience that filled both sides of the memorial’s Reflecting Pool and stretched to the Washington Monument.”
Of course, the weather could have been better — but by all reports, Thursday’s rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the crowds that thronged the capital for Trump’s speech, military flyovers and a massive fireworks display to mark the nation’s 243rd birthday.
Take a look at this crowd from Trump’s Twitter post on Thursday evening.

Trump’s tweet wasn’t the only one that took notice of the turnout.
Even a journalist for the liberal website Vox had to admit it.
“[I]n fairness to Trump the crowd size doesn’t appear to be horrible,” Aaron Rupar wrote.
It was a good deal better than that, and there were plenty of satisfied customers.
A great crowd of tremendous Patriots this evening, all the way back to the Washington Monument! 🇺🇸
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Mr. President, your speech & tribute to our military gave me goosebumps. After hearing that speech, if one does not have pride in America and respect for our flag and those who fought and died for it, they are dead inside. God Bless You. God Bless America
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It was truly amazing to see such a fabulous gathering, your speech was a great history lessen we haven't heard for awhile and the tribute to the Military and all the fly overs were truly spectacular. God Bless America & God Bless President Trump. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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This was a great event. Love of country, like love of family, is a virtue. Don’t ever let the “Blame America Politicians” make you embarrassed about public displays of honest affection, love, of the USA.
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Even Trump’s most vocal critics have to admit the man has a talent for proving liberal predictions wrong — whether it’s his own election, the economy’s performance since then or a Fourth of July celebration in the nation’s capital.
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