Omar Wants Illegals To Have Access to Abortions, and She Wants You To Pay for It

If you’ve been hoping and praying the left’s crusade for abortions will stop someday soon, don’t look toward Rep. Ilhan Omar’s camp for any progress along those lines.
Instead, the shameless Minnesota Democrat, who represents 25 percent of “the squad,” is doubling down with another mind-numbing tweet — this one appearing to assert that U.S. taxpayers should support abortions for illegal immigrants.
“No one should fear receiving medical care because they are undocumented,” Omar wrote Monday.
At least one clear-minded detractor, no doubt speaking for millions of conservatives and Republicans, called out Omar in a facetious manner.
Think I get your position...

Not only should politicians ignore the laws of our nation...

They should give people MORE incentive to ignore our laws.

And then, the govt should confiscate their citizens’ money and give it to non-citizens who break our laws.
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Omar’s latest woolgathering among her sheep on Twitter stemmed from a Vox story about immigrants who haven’t sought medical care due to fears of deportation, according to Washington Examiner.
Let that sink in. The only member of the freshmen Democrats’ crazy quartet who wasn’t born in America expects our hard-earned money to back border-crossers who want abortions.
While we’re at it, why don’t we just feed and shelter those needy folks in our households?
No shame in their game: Those who are proclaiming that America needs free health care for all and open borders also want legal U.S. citizens to pay for illegals to kill their unborn babies.
If you were to look up “sanctimonious” in the dictionary, it’s possible you’d find a photo of Omar, who hasn’t met a controversy she didn’t like — ranging from the woman’s finances to her marriage.
But then, what do you expect from a Democrat whose top priority is the impeachment of President Donald Trump?
In this era of American division coupled with political derision and polarization, maybe nobody should be surprised by anything Omar does. The late filmmaker Akira Kurosawa’s most famous quote — “In a mad world, only the mad are sane” — still resonates.
Now that Omar’s “squad” has become the Democrats’ public face, leftist ideas that would previously have been viewed as certifiably insane have become the norm.

It only stands to reason that a radical politician who drains her energy by bad-mouthing and undermining Trump is now pushing proposals that are closer to outer space than her party’s outer limits.
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