Rush: AOC’s Trust Fund ‘Sugar Daddy’ Behind Radicalization of Congress

When one wants to find the real meaning behind a certain situation, then he or she should — as the old adage instructs — “follow the money.”
In the case of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one doesn’t have to travel far to get to the dollars.
In fact, the dollars are in AOC’s office.
Meet her chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti.
Here is the AOC and the leftist political “entrepreneur” — Saikat Chakrabarti — that CREATED her as a product. Think of her not as a normal politician but as a Start Up that he invented, produced ... and runs.
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Chakrabarti, a Harvard graduate, is a far-left political activist who worked on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign before working for AOC. Chakrabarti got his start in the tech industry (he helped build the payment processing program Stripe) but later transitioned into political activism.
After leaving the private sector, Chakrabarti founded two political action committees, one of which is “Brand New Congress.”
It is the shady money transfers between Chakrabarti’s companies, his PACs and AOC’s campaign that led to El Rushbo weighing in.
Rush Limbaugh’s theory is that Chakrabarti is the mastermind behind AOC and the other freshmen congresspersons known as “the squad.”
“He’s a trust-fund kid,” Limbaugh said speaking of Chakrabarti. “He’s using his parents’ money to fund her campaign and all of these operations. He’s the guy that’s directing them. When you heard Pelosi say, ‘I don’t talk to staff, I don’t,’ it was him she was referring to.”
Limbaugh said Chakrabarti’s plan is to fill Congress with super-progressive, left-wing ideologues such as AOC.
“His plan is to replace everybody in Congress who’s not an uber-radical with an uber-radical,” Limbaugh said. “That includes Pelosi.”
Indeed, it is Chakrabarti’s previous attacks on Pelosi and other more established Democrats that has made him the enemy of many in the party.
“A snot-nosed punk” was the phrase Democrat Rahm Emmanuel used to describe Chakrabarti after the young activist insulted Nancy Pelosi and her leadership.
Pelosi claims we can't focus on impeachment because it's a distraction from kitchen table issues. But I'd challenge you to find voters that can name a single thing House Democrats have done for their kitchen table this year. What is this legislative mastermind doing?
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According to Limbaugh, this snot-nosed punk is Geppetto pulling the strings of his congressional puppets.
“This is the guy running these women,” Limbaugh said. “Not to say they don’t have their own brains. Don’t misunderstand. But he’s the money behind it. He’s the sugar daddy. He’s a trust-fund kid in his thirties, and he’s the energetic, inspirational leader behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and this other bunch of freshmen. He sets the policy for the squad. He’s the one that created the Green New Deal…He writes their speeches. They are his minions. He controls the money.”

The Democrats are seeing the data showing that AOC will cost them congressional elections if they don’t distance themselves from her. But there’s more to solving the problem than just recognizing it.

AOC’s Instagram emoticons, mainstream media fans and her sugar daddy are formidable forces for Pelosi and her political establishment. The best play for those who oppose Ocasio-Cortez is to repeat her socialist messages to voters who find her to be precocious, ignorant and out of her depth.
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