Watch: Woman Freaks on Pro-Lifer, Vandalizes Property But Gets Called a ‘Hero’

On April 22, pro-abortion activist Sasha Timofeeva went on a spray painting spree, vandalizing anti-abortion signs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus despite the attempts of a pro-life activist to keep her away.
Because of her outburst, Timofeeva was cited with vandalism and disorderly conduct, according to The Blaze.
Before she was cited, the vandal was interviewed by campus police and while sitting across from law enforcement with her baby on her lap, bragged that others called her a “hero” for her tirade.
Unfortunately, she was right. During the outburst, one woman walked by Timofeeva as she tried to vandalize a sign and called her “my hero.”
Timofeeva began her rampage against the signage after telling a pro-life activist, “F*** you, they’re triggering, they hurt people.”
The graphic pro-life posters, produced by, depict the brutality of abortion with gruesome pictures of dismembered fetuses.
Ironically, Timofeeva’s comment about how the signs “hurt people” shows how many liberals can’t seem to understand that so many human beings have their lives prematurely snuffed out at the hands of baby-murdering abortion doctors.
After the pro-life activist guarding the posters told her “don’t do this, don’t do this,” Timofeeva began her destructive mission, saying, “F*** you and your stupid signs.”
As she started to vandalize the property, someone called the police. A bystander offered the pro-abortion vandal some advice, saying, “Ma’am, as someone who agrees with you, you’re not doing the right thing here.”
But the bystander’s words fell on deaf ears as the woman continued her course of destruction.
“F*** you and your stupid message,” she said after destroying the first poster. Before Timofeeva destroyed the next sign, the pro-life activist jumped between her and the sign in an effort to protect it.
“You just pushed me,” he told Timofeeva, as she barged past him. “You’re assaulting me. Stop.”
The pro-life activist reached for Timofeeva’s spray paint.
“You just tried to grab my f***ing spray paint,” Timofeeva told the activist. “Are you going to tell the police that?”
“Because you’re spray painting our property,” he replied. “Yeah, I’m going to tell them.”
Watch the tense exchange in the video below.
WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.

In order to deter future assaults on peaceful activists, the activists in the video should consider any legal course of action they can take against Timofeeva, including litigation that might include punitive damages, assault, and battery.
It sounds like a lot of work for a poster, but if these abortion activists aren’t punished for destroying property, they’ll continue to vandalize without fear of consequence.
Through legal action, we can at least begin to restore freedom of expression and a tolerant society. We can’t let individuals like her get away with a light tap on the wrist.
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