Canadian Authorities Raid Home of “Wax My Balls” Trans Activist Jessica Yaniv

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police raided the home of “Wax My Balls” trans activist Jessica Yaniv on Monday night, The Post Millennial has confirmed.
The raid of Yaniv’s home followed an explosive debate he had with another transgender individual named Blaire White.
The raid follows Yaniv’s explosive live appearance on Blaire White’s YouTube channel, brandishing and demonstrating the functionality of a taser at one point in the debate, and claiming to be fully aware of its illegality. Yaniv also claimed to possess pepper spray.
Yaniv’s discussion of the weapons followed a lengthy racist rant disparaging the East Indian and immigrant communities of British Columbia, asserting “we have f*cked up people who migrate here, who think they can do whatever they want.”
Yaniv was reportedly not allowed access to the residence while the RCMP conducted their search, with Langley Police guarding the residence since police arrived last night.
While the RCMP declined to provide a specific name unless charges were laid, they were able to confirm to The Post Millennial that a warrant was executed at a Walnut Grove address confirmed to house Yaniv. The warrant concerned a prohibited weapon, with the responding officer noting that “an active file is still ongoing.”
Recall, a previous complaint about Jessica Yaniv was called into the RCMP by a young woman named Jessica Rumpel who alleges Yaniv sent her sexually explicit messages when she was only 14 years old. 

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