Can’t EVEN: Trans-activist suing over ‘waxing’ NOW claims she was denied fries for being transgender (there’s 1 big problem)

That feeling you get when you’re not sure your brain can actually handle the ridiculousness you’re not only reading and watching but WRITING about.
HOLY moly.
I just called the manager of New York Fries to see if this was true. It's not. The manager witnessed this interaction. All that happened was that Yaniv approached (surprise, surprise) a female Indian cashier, ordered & then left quickly, & Yaniv's mom came & yelled at them
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Y’all remember Yaniv, yes? The transgendered woman who filed a human rights complaint because women refused to wax his scrotum … or her scrotum.
But women don’t have scrotums. Right? No?
You know what, never mind. We can’t.
Apparently, she asked for fries and was refused the fries because she’s transgender.
Except the manager of the restaurant has said this is not true.
Yaniv already filed a complaint with New York Fries head office. Manager said his staff doesn't even really know the word "transgender" so they wouldn't have said that, and that working in downtown Vancouver they are accustomed to serving transgender and disabled people

So an employee who doesn’t speak great English and likely doesn’t even know the word ‘transgender’ denied Yaniv fries for being transgender.
We’re not entirely sure she’s being 100% honest here. Just a hunch.
Starting to …
Speaking as someone whose first summer job was at McDonald’s no fast food employee would ever do something like that. You’d be fired in two seconds.
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The gal at the register who didn’t speak much English was totally anti-trans and refused Jessica her fries.
That’s her story.
And it totally happened and stuff.
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