Christian Reality Star Reportedly Mocked For Allegedly Photoshopping Photo So Women Look Modest

A devout Christian reality TV star is being mocked for supposedly Photoshopping skirts onto two women in the background of a photo she posted on Instagram in an effort to make them look modest. 
Jana Dugar, the star of the show “Counting On,” attended the the Tontitown Grape Festival in Arkansas on Wednesday, where she was wearing a modest-length dress. As The Daily Mail noted, “Jana's parents have long had a 'no shorts or pants for girls' rule for their daughters.”
In the background stood two young women, whom some Instagram users were convinced were wearing shorts in the original picture. The Daily Mail quoted comments including, “If Jana doesn’t want to share a photo that shows people whom she considers to be dressed immodestly then that’s absolutely fine, it is her page and she is allowed to share what she sees fit, but what is not acceptable is imposing her own personal standards on other people without their consent by editing their appearance in such a way … The Duggars expect to have their beliefs and standards respected, to not extend the same basic courtesy to other people is hypocritical to say the least.”
Another commenter reportedly sniped, “You do realize there’s a boy in the background lifting his shirt and flicking you off right? I guess u were too occupied with covering the girls thighs u didnt notice ... . How sad.”
One Duggar supporter surmised, “If I had to guess, I would assume she did it for the benefit of her younger brothers who may follow her. Not as a sign of disrespect to the women (whose faces you can't even see). I honestly don’t understand the outrage.” 
Another fired back at the critics, “Those few people here in the comments that are mad because Jana allegedly edited the picture are obviously here strictly for the purpose of looking for something to be mad at. They were obviously scouring the photo, searching to find something to be upset about. I can’t imagine being that negative, to go looking for things to be offended by. That kind of misery must be awful.”
“Counting On” is a spin-off from the show “19 Kids and Counting,” which premiered on TLC in 2008 and ran for seven years, featuring the Duggar family, with parents Jim Bob Duggar, his wife Michelle and their 19 children, including nine girls and ten boys, all of whom were devout Baptists. The Duggars were not shy about their religious beliefs, discussing values of purity, modesty, and faith in God. Jim Bob and Michelle said they did not use birth control as they thought God should determine how many children they had. The children were homeschooled; they generally eschewed watching movies and television. The women of the family do not wear skirts that come above the knee, a practice also promulgated by Orthodox Jews. 
Jana Duggar is the oldest daughter and second child in the family. The Duggar family has been attacked in the press for their religious beliefs, in one case described as “sugarcoated rat poison.”
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