EXCLUSIVE: Latest AI and Intelligence Algorithms Using Body Kinetics and Facial Characteristics Show Mueller Was Not Honest in House Hearing!

Reported in late July that the body language expert reviewed Robert Mueller’s responses and actions during his recent hearing before Congress. Based on this review, Mueller was deceptive and very defiant.

Now we have additional information on Mueller’s actions from an in depth analysis using the latest in advanced technology!

In her review of Mueller in response to the grilling from Republican Jim Jordan, Mueller comes off defiant and misleading –

In a second video, where Mueller is grilled by Representatives Gaetz, Gohmert and McClintock, Mueller is just plain old deceptive. The former FBI Director lied numerous times in front of Congress –

The body language ghost on YouTube released a number of videos where she reviews the actions and responses on Robert Mueller in front of Congress attempting to defend his corrupt and criminal Russia Collusion coup. The results are as expected.

Now we have a thorough review of Mueller’s actions and mannerisms during his hearing in front of Congress using the latest in AI and intelligence algorithms.

Yaacov Apelbaum was able to capture Mueller’s conversational patterns, body kinetics, facial characteristics, and behavioral fingerprint when under duress while in a single continual homogeneous session–and all of this in a well lit environment in front of front facing high resolution cameras.
Mueller had a number of types of words and phrases that he used to avoid answering the questions. The operative sentence that proceeded most of these words was ”I’m not going to…
In addition, Mueller did a great job obfuscating the report details but the large volume of video and audio in his testimony and the high quality imagery obtained made it possible to analyze the session and find anomalies and various patterns that could provide insight into his mindset.
Apelbaun states –

In this project just as in several of my previous posts (1, 2, 3), I used AI based video analytics, text, and speech analysis platforms. These included:
•XRVision Sentinel AI
•IBM Watson
•LIWC2015 Text analysis
For the text/speech analysis, I used a hybrid approach to word and phrase speech pattern analysis. The textual analysis evaluated these types of speech categories:
•I-words (I, Me, My, I’m)
•Social words
•Positive emotions
•Negative emotions
•Cognitive processes
•Analytic reasoning
•Emotional tone
For the video analytics, I established Mueller’s facial and other video objects baseline using several on-line sources and the main testimony video. The baseline cataloging included his unique facial expressions such as Microexpressions and other visually detectable actions like use of hand gesture, hand related activities, head motion, mouth movement, gaze, etc.
 Apelbaum also provides among many images and video clips, a picture of the Mueller gang, including Aaron Zebly, who sat by Mueller during the hearing:
Apelbaum states:
Even though Mueller attempted to obfuscate the report’s composition methods and authors, the writing style, document layout, context, and several other administrative clues strongly suggest that Andrew Weismann was the architect and Aaron Zebley was chief editor of the document. This is also likely the reason why Mueller insisted that Zebley be present by his side and be sworn in.
The evidence from the video analytics, speech dynamics, and the decision tree Mueller used to answer the questions (i.e. question objective vs. answer strategy) shows a decent mental agility and the ability to alternate between complete ‘radio silence’ and ‘singing like a canary’ on demand.
To those who still believe that Mueller was just a senile old man with little familiarity with the content of the report, consider the fact that his verbose answers show that he had a pretty good grasp of the document content. He also artfully navigated the many minefields in the report without blowing up a leg in the process. Some experts in the MSM have been suggesting that Mueller’s poor verbal performance and optics can be attributed to some form of cognitive impairment but this argument is inconsistent with his ability to effectively deliver the following:
1.Selectively discuss specific topics, most of which were prejudicial to Trump
2.Answer questions that almost exclusively supported the impeachment narrative with certainty and conviction
3.Justify and emphasize specific areas in the report that exonerated his team from claims of bias and hostility to Trump in instances of hostile conduct by FBI senior management and its agents (i.e. Comey, Strzok, Page, agent 2, and others)
4.Utilize the “I’m not going to…” strategy to answer any questions prejudicial to the “insurance policy”
5.Refuse to address the media leaks that either came from him personally, his direct reports, or his team
6.Exhibited good mental agility and dexterity during the May 29th, 2019 Mueller Report news conference
7.Come up with over 180 different ways of not answering a direct question
The patterns identified by the analytics strongly suggest that all of Mueller’s behavioral stress patterns matched the typical anxiety profiles and signs of internal struggle that are exhibited by a guilty suspect during an integration. For the first time in his long bureaucratic career, he found himself at the wrong side of the table with the bright lights in his face and a real possibility of being charged with perjury. For several hours, the fearless hunter became the pray and he clearly didn’t like the experience.
Contextually, the majority of his testimony turned out to be an underhanded attempt to use the Q&A session to justify, promote, and surreptitiously inject political narrative into the public hearing. None of this should come as a surprise as it is the same circular “impeach Trump” agenda that launched this investigation in the first place. At the end of the day, despite Mueller’s big title and god-like pedigree, he turned out to be just another DC power broker who apparently placed his bets on the wrong presidential candidate.

It is absolutely frightening knowing that Robert Mueller was a member of the DOJ and FBI for decades. It’s worse knowing that he was FBI Director and the Head of Special Counsel set up in a coup to remove President Trump from office. This is just more evidence to support the assertion that Mueller is a crook!

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