Federal judge rules against Virginia school's bathroom rule on transgender students

A federal judge ruled against a Virginia school board's ban on transgender students using the bathroom associated with their gender identity choice.

Transgender student Gavin Grimm sued the board, claiming that the ban had discriminated against him.

U.S. District Judge Arenda Wright Allen agreed in the ruling.
"There is no question that the Board's policy discriminates against transgender students on the basis of their gender noncomformity," Allen said.

"Under the policy, all students except for transgender students may use restrooms corresponding with their gender identity," she explained.

"Transgender students are singled out, subjected to discriminatory treatment, and excluded from spaces where similarly situated students are permitted to go," Allen concluded.

Grimm lives in California, having moved from Virginia after he graduated from the high school in 2017.

He called the ruling "beautiful," and indicated that he would use the legal victory as a springboard to continue advocating for the transgender agenda.
"My case has given me something of a platform that I intend to use, as long as I have it available to me, for trans education and advocacy," hesaid to NBC News.

Here's a local news report about the finding:

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