Mother-of-five dubbed 'Miss America' claims the US doesn't 'have a gun problem - we have a mental illness problem' and wants her children to learn to shoot as early as possible

A mother-of-five known as 'Miss America' in the gun community on Instagram has claimed that the country has a 'mental illness problem'. 
Casey Curry, 27, from Utah, is known for her Instagram page @BuffCookie, where she shares racy photos as she poses with guns and other weaponry.
Casey, who lives with her husband and their five children, revealed having a house full of her guns gives her 'comfort'.
When asked about America's gun crime rate compared to other countries, she said: 'We don't have a gun problem in our country, we have a mental illness problem. That should be our main focus.'

Mother-of-five Casey Curry, 27, is known online as the 'Miss America' of the gun community and often shares racey pictures on her Instagram (pictured with her husband Neal and their children) 

Casey's views echo that of President Trump, who told a rally last week that the closure of mental institutions in the 1950s had led to an increase in gun violence in the country. 
On Friday he told the rally in New Hampshire: 'It's not the gun that pulls the trigger. It's the person holding the gun.' 
He added: 'They closed so many of them, and they let really seriously mentally ill people out on the streets. We're going to have to give major consideration to building new facilities for those in need. We have to do it.'
Echoing President Trump, Casey revealed: 'Crime rates are similar [in other countries]. Bad people will do bad things regardless. A firearm is simply a tool, and if they want to find a way to inflict harm they will. 

Casey comes from a family of hunters, and claims to have fired her first gun when she was just three years old.
When questioned about gun safety in the home, the mother-of-five - who is step mother to her husband Neals four kids, and has her own two-year-old daughter Remi - revealed: 'No one is responsible for the protection of my family but me and my husband.
'I like the comfort of knowing that if something happens we can protect ourselves. '

She explained: 'Fear comes from the unknown. Firearms and firearm safety are very well known in our family.'
'They know they are not a toy and are to be taken very seriously. Proper firearms handling is so important, and the earlier you teach it the better.'
She added: 'I grew up in a family full of avid hunters. I was going on hunts since I was a year old and shot my first gun at three or four.'
With mass shootings a very current issue in the States, and schools often being the target, Utah native Casey has some interesting views on how this issue should be tackled.
Casey explained: 'Teachers with training should carry guns. I don't think anyone should just go buy a gun without the proper knowledge and training.
'However if something ever happens in my kids school I sure hope their teachers care enough to arm their classrooms.'
Casey is often referred to online as 'Miss America of the gun community' a title she is happy to embrace.
She said: 'I'll take it! More than anything I want to be known as a woman who loves her country, promotes family and health and provides a positive light to the community.'
The family's love of guns runs so deep, they have even opened gun shop Ready Gunner, which is billed 'Utah's favourite of gun and ammunition related products'.
The shop also offers courses and training in handling weapons, and has a coffee shop attached to the store.
She hopes to expand their business in the coming years and use social media as a positive marketing tool to make life better.
She said: 'Our five year goal is to open a multiple Ready Gunner locations, continue the growth of our marketing companies and have a positive impact on social media.'
Curry's striking looks and strong opinions have won her many fans, and she currently has 330,000 Instagram followers, where her page has the bio: Home Grown American Woman - Guns, Buns and Shenaniguns!
Despite the huge following, she insists she is not an Instagram 'influencer' and prefers the term 'marketer'.
She said: 'I've been picky in what I share with my followers. I only share products, views and people that I stand behind 100 percent.'
'I wouldn't say that I love the term influencer but I would consider myself a marketer'
'The companies I work with are partnerships, promoting products I use, have personally tested and stand behind.'
She continued: 'While there is a lot of negativity on social media, on the flip side there are a lot of really amazing, positivity as well! You just have to look for it.'
As well as guns and Instagram, Casey is also a health and fitness enthusiast and offers advice for those hoping to get back in shape after having children, saying mothers should stay active 'before, during and after pregnancy'.
'The best advice I could give to an expecting mom is to be kind to their body,' said Casey.
She also urges mothers not to live by the old adage 'eating for two', saying: 'It truly is amazing what you are or have created! Be proud of that and give your body the time it needs to heal.
That being said be kind to your body in the sense that you don't need to 'eat for two' and you should still stay active before, during, and after your pregnancy.' 
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