MSNBC Caught Running Doctored Photo That Made Left-Wing Hack Bobby Lewis Look Like Credible Source

MSNBC is not exactly known for its adherence to truth.
In the age of President Donald Trump, MSNBC has morphed into more of an anti-Trump propaganda machine than anything resembling a news network.
This was on display Wednesday, when the network aired a graphic that made a left-wing hack named Bobby Lewis look like an actual journalist.
First, a bit of background. Twitter gives a blue checkmark to users who have been “verified” — mainly politicians, journalists, entertainers and other public figures.
Being “verified” on Twitter is not the be-all and end-all, of course. Plenty of legitimate journalists do not have the little blue checkmark, and plenty of partisan hacks do.

Here’s where MSNBC comes in.
On Wednesday night, the network aired a graphic featuring a tweet by Lewis regarding a quote from conservative radio host Michael Savage.
“Trump friend and radio host Michael Savage says he ‘was very disappointed in the president attacking white supremacy,’ and predicts that it will ‘cost [him] thousands, if not tens of thousands of votes,'” Lewis tweeted.
As The Daily Caller noted, that quote had been selectively edited. Savage was actually concerned that Trump was advancing the liberal narrative that conflates concern over illegal immigration to white supremacy.
But I digress.
What’s notable about MSNBC’s graphic is that a blue checkmark was visible next to Lewis’ name, as seen below:
But here’s the thing — Lewis isn’t actually verified on Twitter.
(@revrrlewis / Twitter screen shot)
Now, I have no idea whether MSNBC doctored the tweet itself or if someone else doctored it and MSNBC just used the image and shared it on national TV.
I also don’t know why Lewis isn’t verified on Twitter.
What I do know is that Lewis is a staffer at Media Matters for America, a progressive group that claims it’s “dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”
I also know that Lewis appears to be a left-wing hack whose job mainly consists of live-tweeting Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”
And finally, I know that by making it look as though he was verified on Twitter, MSNBC, purposefully or not, made him appear to be a credible source.
Now, in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t really a big deal. But it’s symptomatic of a network that appears to grow more and more biased, and less concerned with facts, by the day.
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