Ralph Northam preaches against racism, is quickly reminded of his blackface fiasco

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) issued a statement decrying racism on the two-year anniversary of the deadly Charlottesville rally, but was quickly reminded that he might not be the best person to speak out on the issue considering his medical school yearbook photo purportedly shows him wearing either blackface or KKK garb.

What are the details?

Northam sent out a tweet Monday saying, "Two years after white nationalists descended upon Charlottesville, we continue to witness increasing violence that is rooted in vile racist ideology. We must remain vigilant in rejecting the dangerous, divisive rhetoric that incites and attempts to excuse these acts of hate."

Twitter followers pointed out that he "might want to sit this one out," considering speculation still remains over whether or not he was, indeed, present in the racist photo on his yearbook page (which he initially admitted to and apologized for, before denying being in it).

Several folks also pointed out that Gov. Northam's nickname in college was "coonman," a fact disclosed by Big League Politics, the source that first exposed his yearbook photos. 
Another noted simply, "You wore blackface, dude."

Others called on the governor to resign, echoing several Democrats who had asked for him to do so in the wake of the controversy earlier this year. But, he remains in office, along with his Democratic Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who stands accused of two sexual assault allegations. 

Northam was also taken to task over his stance on abortion. The governor's controversial yearbook information was reportedly passed along to the press after his startling comments made in support of a Virginia bill appearing to endorse infanticide.

Anything else?

The governor of Virginia was also a trending topic after super-liberal comedienne Sarah Silverman disclosed Monday that she, herself, had lost a movie role because of a 2007 skit where she donned blackface.

The Twittersphere noted that Silverman lost a gig over a joke, whereas Northam's yearbook debacle was quite serious, and he got to keep his job.

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