Sacramento salon owner claims Californian homeless crisis is forcing her to relocate after 15 years because she has grown sick of multiple break-ins and cleaning up syringes, urine and feces from outside her premises every day

A business owner in California says she has been forced to relocate after 15 years because of the growing homelessness crisis in the state.
Elizabeth Novak, who owns a hair salon in downtown Sacramento, posted a video on Twitter on Friday describing how she often finds people camping in tents across her front door. 
She told how the vagrancy epidemic gripping the state is affecting long-standing business owners and that her shop has been broken into and she has even been attacked.
Novak, who has run her salon for 15 years, said in her social media message that she often has to clean-up urine, feces and used needles left by rough sleepers on her doorstep.

Addressing her concerns directly to Governor Gavin Newsom, she said in a heart-felt pleas for action: 'I want to know what are you going to do for us Californians? I've had a business in downtown Sacramento for 15 years - a successful business. I now have to leave my place of business, I have to close my shop. 
'I just want to tell you what happens when I get to work. I have to clean up the poop and the pee off of my doorstep. I have to clean-up the syringes.
'I have to politely ask the people who I care for, I care for these people that are homeless, to move their tents of of the way of the door to my business.
'I have to fight off people who push their way into my shop who are homeless and on drugs because you won't arrest them for drug offenses. I have to apologize to my clients as to why they can't get into my door because there's someone asleep there and they are not getting the help they need.'
At the beginning of the impassioned clip Novak says has been repeatedly sending videos, emails and tweets as well as numerous calls to Newsom in a bid to get a response. 
Novak also slammed the Democrat governor's 'liberal ideology' as 'not working' and criticized him for 'sitting in his million dollar home and not having to look at what we have to look at'. 
She added in the video: 'I talk to the police officers, they told me to contact you [Newsom]. They want to do something and they can't, you changed the laws. 
'So I want to know what you're going to do for us, the ones that are unhappy? You want to make us a sanctuary state, you want to make it comfortable for everybody except for the people that work hard and have tried their hardest to get along in life and now we have to change that because of your laws.' 
Novak's Twitter account is now private, but it was viewed around 25,000 times. 
Yesterday Novak told Fox & Friends that she was going to have to relocate her business because of how bad the situation had become.
'A lot of people asked why go directly to the governor, why take it to that level and I think it's an SOS for all small business owners. And not just business owners, but employees in the downtown area.
'When I come into work I'm never sure what I'm going to walk into. I've been broken into, I've had my glass broken. I clean up human excrement off of my doorstep every week, cups of urine, things like that.'
She added: 'A lot of people are saying it's a housing issue - it's a drug issue.'

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