Students Sign Petition To Ban ‘Oppressive’ White Stick Figure In ‘Walk’ Signals

In one of their most recent videos Campus Reform’s Correspondent Ethan Cai asked students at George Washington University to sign a petition calling for the iconic white stick figures in walk signals to be banned because they are “oppressive.”
As you might expect from students enrolled at such a “woke” university most of the people asked, with one notable exception, agreed to join the “inclusive” effort.
One of the reasons Campus Reform chose George Washington University to film this video is because the student body had just voted to eliminate the school’s “offensive” mascot George the Colonial.
The measure to remove George the Colonial as the school mascot was approved by 54% of student voters, the Daily Wire reports.
“As we students cross the street, we are told by the symbol of a white man when it is okay to cross,” Campus Reform’s faux petition reads. “Many students from diverse backgrounds, including individuals of color, gender fluid individuals, and LGBTQA+ individuals, feel oppressed by this.” Students who sign the petition are supposedly letting the university know that they “vehemently urge the University to consider changing the crosswalk signs.”
The result: many of the students, and even one university faculty member, are willing to put their signature on the phony petition. While some students seem to be on board because the alternatives provided by Campus Reform are “so cute” and “lit,” most in the video made a point of saying they can “absolutely” see how someone would be offended by the “white man” telling them what to do and felt that changing the sign helped promote “diversity.”
According to the website CollegeCalc, the estimated cost to attend a year of George Washington University, including room and board, is around $69,368.
If I was a parent paying that kind of money for my child’s education think my expectations would be much higher than what’s on display in this video.
Why pay to have your children brainwashed and learn irrelevant and stupid things rather than the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen profession?
It’s time for someone to recreate higher education and replace the current system with institutions that impart needed skills and knowledge rather than leftest ideology.
Strip out all ideological and unneeded teaching and focus only on job skills. Accounting for accountants, etc.
Could probably graduate students with superior skills and knowledge for less than half the cost and half the time.

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