Students sign petition to remove oppressive white stick figure from crosswalk signs: 'We are told by the symbol of a white man when it is OK to cross' the street

Campus Reform's Ethan Cai recently visited George Washington University in Washington, D.C., to ask students to sign a petition supporting the motion to change the "offensive" and "oppressive" white stick figure in LED crosswalk signs.

What are the details?

Cai visited the university undercover, urging students to sign the outlet's fake petition.

The petition urged the university "to consider changing the crosswalk signs," because a white man telling students when it is OK to cross the street is oppressive.
"As we students cross the street," the petition read, "we are told by the symbol of a white man when it is OK to cross. Many students from diverse backgrounds, including individuals of color, gender fluid individuals, and LGBTQA+ individuals, feel oppressed by this."

Many students were in favor of the petition. One educator was also on board with the proposed change. Just one student voiced dissent, saying he was "ideologically opposed" to the idea of making the crosswalk sign more inclusive.

Here are some of the more interesting remarks and responses to the petition below:

  • "I can see like, I guess, why some students have a problem with it … I'll totally sign that."
  • "That's so cute! Oh, my God, yeah."
  • "Oh, that's so lit."
  • "There's definitely a lack of representation [in the crosswalk sign]."
  • "I assume it's one of many ways in which the default is imagined to be a white man ..."
  • "That's a good idea!"
  • "It's definitely a representation issue."

Anything else?

The school's former mascot, George the Colonial, was changed earlier this year after students voted to remove and replace the offending mascot.

George the Colonial was deemed "extremely offensive" because it "glorifies the act of systemic oppression."

Fifty-four percent of students voted to approve the measure, which passed in March.
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