Terrifying footage shows the moment a Lyft driver is attacked by a passenger and accomplice who point two guns to his head during robbery attempt

A Lyft driver's rounds one night turned into a near-death experience when a passenger and an accomplice pointed two guns at his head in a terrifying robbery attempt. 
The Lyft driver, who asked to be unnamed, was driving through Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Friday evening when he picked up a male passenger identified by authorities as Michael Baker, who pointed a gun to his head. 
The driver picked up Baker on Howard Avenue while his dash camera was recording. 
Baker, a young black male, entered the car and the driver tried to confirm his destination. 
Baker muttered something indecipherable under his breath then said 'Nah I'm playing, I'm playing', leading driver to say, 'Seriously? Get the f**k out.' Moments later, a gun is visible Baker's hand. 

Baker then opens the car door and says 'Yo watch your fucking mouth' waving the gun in his hand. 
'Look I don't have a problem with you but I'm trying to do a job like everybody else. Can you please get out of my car,' the driver said looking back at Baker in the backseat. 
But Baker is already heated and repeats, 'Watch how you talk to me, son.' 
While the driver is facing Baker in the backseat, a second gun emerges from his front seat window and nudges him in the back of the head, held by an unseen person. 
Shocked the driver says, 'Dude' and calmly asks for Baker to exit his vehicle. 
Baker is seen adjusting his gun, possibly loading it. The unseen gun-wielder then bashes the driver with the gun in the back of the head. As the driver winces, Baker in the backseat punches him in the back of the head. 
Baker then yells: 'Run your f***ing pockets. Everything you've got n***a. Everything you f***ing got before I blow your f***ing brains out.'
'Yo get out of my car, get out of me car!' the driver repeats, speeding up threateningly until Baker exits and the accomplice by the driver's window back off. 
No shots were fired in the incident. 
The driver is seen heaving as he flees from the scene. 
'At the moment, I didn’t realize if they were real or not until after the situation when I went back and looked at the video,' the driver said to WHTM. 
'I think it was 100% set up because of the way it went down,' he added.     
The driver had worked for the ride-sharing company for nine months and had been using his camera since he first started driving as a safety measure. 
'It’s not a requirement. It’s my personal belief if anything good should come out of this is that Uber and Lyft should provide you with a dashcam,' he said. 
He says he'll continue to drive for Lyft and is coming forward with his story to keep other drivers safe. 
'I just want to get it out there as much as I can and tell my story to keep people safe because at the end of the day nobody needs to go through this,' he said to WGAL
So far only Baker has been arrested for the incident on Saturday. He faces charges of robbery and assault. Police are still working to identify the second suspect in the video. 

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