Texas Store’s ‘Back to School’ Sale is Raising Eyebrows, Infuriating Democrats

A Houston-area store’s “back to school” sale is raising eyebrows and infuriating Democrats who see and learn about it all across the country.
A local gun store is offering a special back to school promotion, up to 50% off of any firearm, which sounds like a very good deal.
While some find it hilarious, and a good promotional idea, others are less amused, as Fox News reports:
Michelle Simons was driving with her husband in Katy, Texas, when they passed a sign for the Boyert Shooting Center that read: “Back to school sale August 13 through 18. Up to 50 percent off firearms.”
“It was so jarring, like, ‘Did I really see that?'” Simons told KTRK-TV.
Simons said she felt the promotion was inappropriate in the wake of mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.
Her husband, who was not identified but works as an educator, told the station his school district makes him teach active shooter safety drills.

“In the current climate and in the current culture where we have school shootings just constantly, mass shootings just constantly, it seems like a real poor choice of words,” he said.
The shooting center sent out the following statement:
“We have friends and family who are teachers and our way of reaching out and saying thank you is by offering a summer long promotion of discounted training courses, firearms and accessories. A lot of Texans are not aware, but it is now legal to conceal carry in some colleges, and for teachers in certain school districts to conceal carry as well. We are wrapping up the program that we have been running since the beginning of June, with a huge sale to benefit everyone.”
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