'Thank you Joaquin': Customers line up around block at BBQ joint after Democratic Rep. Castro outs owner as President Trump donor

But based on what's happening at the business of one outed donor, maybe it's Castro who should think twice next time.

'Lined up around the block'

Because at Bill Miller Bar-B-Q, folks are saying that cars are "lined up around the block" in the wake of Castro's controversial tweet:

Another user noted that "lines were out the door" and drive-up lanes "were several times longer than usual. So, thank you, Joaquin, we show you don't matter":

"It works both ways Mr. Castro," another user noted to Castro. "There was a line out the door all day at Bill Miller's BBQ. Nothing like free advertising":

Yet another observer said "every" one of the restaurants in San Antonio "has been PACKED" — though the user mistakenly called out Castro's twin brother Julian, a Democratic presidential candidate and former mayor of the city:

Image source: Twitter

More where that came from

Others effusively stood up for Bill Miller Bar-B-Q on Twitter:
  • "I looked up Bill Miller BBQ one of the businesses targeted by Castro. They offer tee shirts, hats, belts etc with the company logo online. People can support the business wherever they live and tell Joaquin Castro to shove it."
  • "Just found Bill Miller BBQ site and it looks great! I'll be there next week for dinner. Thanks for the tip Fidel!"
  • "Another reason to make sure I eat lunch at Bill Miller BBQ! Thanks for the motivation."
  • "Next time I am in [San Antonio] for business, you better believe I will be dining at Bill Miller's BBQ. MAGA! Keep America Great!"
  • "I bet Bill Miller has done more for Hispanics than Castro and his leftist friends would ever do! I'm thinking of packing my motorcycle and riding down to eat some BBQ!!"
Even Republican Gov. Greg Abbott got into the act:

Here's a news report about the controversy:

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