WATCH: Woman Successfully Fights Off Knife-Wielding Man Arrested For Murderous Rampage

Hundreds of Facebook and Reddit users say they will boycott a popular Michigan restaurant chain after its Federal Election Commission filing delineating its political donations was made public, all for one reason: the chain made contributions to President Trump.

The woman, who survived the harrowing attack, courageously fights back before the man, who has since been identified as a 33-year-old gang member with a lengthy rap sheet, flees the scene.
The police department posted footage of the attack Thursday along with the suspect's booking photos. "Earlier today we held a press conference to provide the public with more information on the crime spree that occurred yesterday," the department states. "The attached is the suspect's booking photos, as well as the video surveillance of one of his attacks. We show this video so that you may see the speed and viciousness his actions."
The video comes from surveillance footage that caught the suspect's shocking attack on the woman, who manages to fend him off until he appears to rob the store before continuing his two-hour rampage elsewhere  (warning: graphic content):
Law enforcement personnel in Orange County put part of the blame for the criminal's murderous rampage on the reckless policies and neglectful actions of California's political leaders, particularly former-Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and former-Attorney General Kama Harris, who is now a Democratic presidential candidate.
"Records indicate [the suspect] was sentenced to four years in state prison for 14 convictions, for drug possessions, possession of a firearm, an assault weapon and ammunition by a felon," KABC revealed Thursday. Despite the serious charges, the felon only ended up serving less than 16 months of prison time due to various sentence-reducing policies, in California Assembly Bill 109; he was released in January 2016.
"The suspect is a Proposition 47 candidate," a police source told The Daily Wire in reference to the reduced-sentencing law passed in 2014 and backed by then-Attorney General Kamala Harris. The suspect was first incarcerated that year. While the "sales pitch" for both Proposition 47 and Proposition 57 was to "reduce jail overcrowding and focus on education and reform, rather than straight punishment," the source said, California's political leaders, particularly Brown, failed to "follow through."
"Brown pushed for the jail reform and won, but then never set anything up on the back end," the source told The Daily Wire. "No facilities have been created for mental health or drug rehab. So now the police can't take people to jail, and they don't have any rehabilitation clinics to bring them to. The state has basically put the burden on hospitals, which are not equipped to deal with these problems ... Brown made a lot more than one 'train to nowhere' during his time in office."
The mayor of Garden Grove also decried the liberal policies that allowed the dangerous felon to roam free. "He is a violent criminal who should have never been considered for release," said Mayor Steven Jones in comments reported by KABC.
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