Water Attacks on Cops Have Now Given Way to Punks Using Concrete Chunks and Bottles

What is this world coming to?
As if it wasn’t pathetic and discouraging enough in July when onlookers doused New York City police officers with water as they made arrests in Queens, attackers are now using bottles and pieces of concrete against cops.
The New York Post reported that law enforcement officials were seeking a suspect who, during a Central Park concert Sunday, tossed pieces of concrete at police. Earlier, a man was arrested after throwing bottles at the cops.
No fewer than five officers were hurt “when a 28-year-old man chucked bottles at police as they tried to break up a party of about 100 people around 2 a.m. in the Bronx,” according to the Post.
It makes you wonder why at least two Democratic assemblymen have pushed back against a Republican bill to increase punishment against those who attack police in this way.
Following the incidents in Queens, New York State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams opposed a measure that would make it a class E felony for anyone who attacks on-duty law enforcement officers with water.
Williams had said the proposal was an “overreaction” — a description he has likely come to regret now.
We can’t be certain those assemblymen indirectly enabled the latest perpetrators responsible for chucking concrete and bottles, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.
The previous incidents involving water justifiably sparked outrage and disgust, and you can see why based on this video that was tweeted.
As that footage showed, the New York officers demonstrated admirable composure. For that restraint, they’ve been “rewarded” with bottles and concrete coming at them.
As Blue Lives Matter NYC founder Joseph Imperatrice told Fox News, those police officers were “walking away with their tail between their legs,” TheBlaze reported.
After that despicable water-dousing affair in Queens, many Americans wondered, “Which objects or substances will criminals use next?”
That question has been answered in part.
When police are merely doing their jobs — trying to protect citizens and keep bad guys off our streets — they must also worry about being covered in water, or pelted with potentially dangerous objects.
What cold calculations will future police attackers act out? That’s the street culture that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has cultivated, and frankly, it’s what he deserves to deal with. He owes those men in blue that much.

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